Board of Directors

As a non-profit organisation, SMS, is run by its elected Board of Directors, all of whom are volunteers, and meet once a month.  Club members are encouraged to attend the AGM and put themselves forward for a position on the Board or a sub-committee.  We welcome parents' ideas and input and would love to hear from you. The 2022/2023 Board of Directors are:

Duke Sullivan - President

Ewan Jacques - Vice President

Ciara Nash - Secretary

Prue Lawson - Treasurer 

Terri Barrowman - Team Manager

Robert Lindley - Board Member (Legal)

Christina Kish - Board Member


Andy Croft - Board Member



Please contact the Board at s[email protected] if you have any questions.


Child Protection Officer

The Child Abuse Prevention Policy for National Sports Associations fulfils the mandatory child abuse reporting requirements of the Children Law (2012 Revision).  The Ministry of Community Affairs, Youth and Sports through the Department of Children and Family Services is responsible for the Policy's implementation. ​
For further information, please contact our CHILD PROTECTION OFFICER, Ms Sarah Sellars at [email protected].  


Booster Club Representatives

The Booster Club Representatives are an integral part of CIASA's fundraising efforts - each club commits one or two members to assist CIASA.  SMS's 2022/2023 Booster Club Representatives are Ms Jenny Suto and Ms Emily Harrison.