Volunteering for the SMS team
As Elizabeth Andrews famously said, “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” 

As a non-profit-organisation and swim team run by volunteers, we are always welcoming parents who would like to get involved.  No offer of assistance is too small! 

We currently have have the following groups, with some parents giving time and energy in more than one area:
- Social Events
- Fundraising Events
- Community Outreach
Please click here if you would like to join us or have any ideas to share.
Volunteering at Swim Meets
Swim meets are the perfect opportunity for parents to get involved and it is  expected that at least one parent from each SMS swim family will train as an official and/or volunteer on deck. It takes many officials, timers and deck volunteers to run a sanctioned swim meet, so that our swimmers’ times are recognised to qualify for swim standards and records. There should be at least 8-11 officials and [ ] timers on deck for each session of a sanctioned meet so we would encourage you to get involved. 
If you are willing to be a timer at the next swim meet, please let our Team Manager know - we would love to introduce you to the right people! 
If you are interested in becoming a swim official, please click on the 'Officials' tab above for more information.