Parents are an integral part of South Carolina Swimming.  To help you support your athletes and clubs, South Carolina Swimming offers resources for our parents to help answer any questions or concerns you may have with regards to year-round swimming. 

Being a parent of a swimmer isn't always easy. Where do I start?  How much will it cost?  What equipment does my athlete need? What should they eat?  South Carolina Swimming is here to provide the map to help guide you through the process.

Find A Club

Find one of South Carolina Swimming’s USA Swimming affiliated clubs in your area to join the competitive side of the sport.  Contact any of these local programs directly to learn about your many options to enjoy swimming at any level.

What to Expect

Parents are one of the many reasons why South Carolina Swimming is successful, both in and out of the pool.  Driving to practice at all hours of the early morning and late evening, packing the best snacks, volunteering to help competitions run smoothly, and cheering for your swimmers are just a few of the many things you do to help enrich the experience of your athletes, none of which would exist without parent involvement.  South Carolina Swimming wants parents to be informed, offered resources, and supported as much as our athletes.


Available Resources

Every family is different, and knowing where to find information can sometimes be difficult.  South Carolina Swimming is here to help you navigate the process by providing access to the resources available.



USA Swimming & South Carolina Swimming outreach programs provide access through reduced fees for athletes from lower income families. The purpose of this program is to provide competitive swimming opportunities to underrepresented and economically disadvantaged athletes in South Carolina Swimming sanctioned activities.

The outreach program reduces the annual membership fee an athlete pays to USA Swimming from $84 to $7. In addition to the reduced registration fees, South Carolina Swimming provides 100% reimbursement for all sanctioned competition fees, sponsored travel competitions and camps.

Qualifying income for families for 2022 outreach programs is 138% of 2021 federal poverty guidelines.  Income must fall at or below this level for athletes to qualify for outreach assistance.


Household/Family Size

138% Income Limits


$17, 774












For more information, please contact

Outreach Coordinator Karen Alexander.

[email protected]

(864) 506-2016.

2022 Outreach Application


Social Media

Stay up to date with the latest information on the South Carolina Swimming social media sites.  From the official website Team Feed, to our pages on Facebook and Instagram and monthly newsletters, South Carolina Swimming keeps you informed and engaged.


Volunteer Information


  • South Carolina Swimming represents over 3,500 swimmers, coaches, and volunteers from the state’s USA Swimming clubs.
  • South Carolina Swimming clubs offer over 75 events throughout the year.  Those meets cannot happen without the support of parent volunteers, just like you.
  • Whether as an official, a timer, a hospitality worker or in one of the many other volunteer roles, swimming needs you!
  • It’s easy to get involved.  Ask your club’s coach what you can do to support your child’s sport.

Volunteer Resources

Equipment Needed

From the basics to the most technical, finding the right equipment can be a difficult process.  It seems easy enough to come to the pool with your suits, goggles & swim caps, but finding the right suits, goggles & caps isn’t always that simple.  Packing your swim bag for practice isn’t always the same as packing your swim bag for competition, and when you add a gear bag into your athlete’s preparation, it’s easy to see why parents need a little help sometimes.

Essential Equipment - Swim Bag, Swimsuit, Goggles, Swim Cap, Water Bottle

Technical Equipment - Mesh Bag, Fins, Snorkel, Pull Buoy, Kickboard, Paddles


Technical Suits

Tech suits have become an integral part of championship meets.  So what exactly are they, when should you wear them, and what else do parents need to know about them before you break out the big bucks?

Tech Suit 101

How to Measure for a Tech Suit

Meet Day

So here it is, the first swim meet. Yes, they can be stressful with all the gear, snacks, wet towels, and confused swimmers and parents. However, the goal is to have fun. The actual time spent swimming is small in comparison with your child hanging out with friends, reading books, eating snacks, meeting new friends in the bullpen, and cheering on teammates.

Meet Day 101 for Parents

Meet Day 101 for Swimmers


Many swimmers ask what they should be eating on the day of a meet or the night before in order to swim fast. By then, it's too late. Eating healthy for optimum performance doesn't begin the day of the meet or the night before. It's a healthy lifestyle, an everyday training commitment.

Sports Nutrition 101


Mental Health

Mental training, along with mental health and wellness, are key to your athlete performing at his or her best. There are tips for mindfulness, visualization, staying confident, cultivating grit and more. Learn what you can do to get your mind in the game.

Mental Training and Awareness Resources


Safe Sport

USA Swimming and South Carolina Swimming are committed to ensuring a safe environment free from abuse for all of our participants.  USA Swimming’s Safe Sport program, a comprehensive abuse prevention program, consists of a multi-layered approach to keep your athletes safe.

USA Swimming Safe Sport

South Carolina Swimming Safe Sport