Safe Sport 

The purpose of the SCS Safe Sport Committee is to ensure implementation of the USA Swimming’s Safe Sport policies, guidelines, educational programs, reporting and adjudication procedures which are intended to help provide as safe, healthy and positive environment as possible for all USA Swimming members.

The Safe Sport Committee will:


  • Coordinate and oversee the implementation of effective ongoing educational programs for all athlete members, their parents, coaches, volunteers and local clubs as provided by USA Swimming;


  • Be the primary contact for the club members in SCS to share information about what USA Swimming and other LSCs are doing regarding Safe Sport policies and programs; and to collect, develop and disseminate information on LSC best practices;


  • Serve as an information resource for clubs by, among other things, helping to identify and connect them with local


  • Perform other functions as necessary in the fulfillment of USA Swimming’s continuing efforts to foster safe, healthy and positive environments for all its members; and Be available to work on special projects, educational programs and assignments as needed.  (607.4.8)



Safe Sport Committee

Athlete Members:
Ed Cullen - Chair Anna Kate Barr
  Owen Harmon