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MONDAY, JAN 22ND - I am sorry to say that Neither Ms Kim nor I can get in Monday in time for school to...

By Sherry Johnson

Wednesday Homeschool with Ms Robin

Wednesday March 20th Today the Wednesday class read the book Another Celebrated Dancing Bear. We discussed the country Russia, we talked about ballets, and...

By Sherry Johnson

Tuesday HSA with Mrs Stacey

4/16 Literature- Holes and Chapter Questions Science- Seed Dispersal Lesson STEAM- create a Seed(BURR) that would stick to an animal fur (Glove) We all...

By Stacey Lampley

Thursday HSA with Mrs. Stacey

4/11 History- Arther’s Presentation on Queen Mary Geography- Brazil Lesson, Flag Coloring Sheet, Brazil I Spy Game, Brazil Bingo Game Literature- Holes/ Chapter Questions...

By Stacey Lampley


I have attatched two calendars for those who prefer that view and need to coordinate other summer activities. I suppose there are a few...

By Sherry Johnson

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