Coach Julia Kotyla: Precision, Passion, and Performance at TNT Swimming

Coach Julia Kotyla joined TNT in October 2014 as an assistant coach and was promoted to head coach in March 2020. Growing up, she swam for Raccoon Valley Swim Club from age 3 to 18, taught swim lessons from age 15 to 18, and swam on the varsity swim team for Clearview throughout high school. At Rutgers University New Brunswick, Julia taught group and private lessons for preschoolers, teens, and adults. Her favorite stroke to swim is breaststroke, but she loves teaching backstroke the most. Outside the pool, she teaches English Language Arts at Williamstown Middle School in Monroe School District.

At TNT Swimming, Julia’s coaching philosophy centers on the importance of technique and individualized training. She believes in mastering the fundamentals, emphasizing quality over quantity in every workout. Julia’s expertise in stroke analysis and her ability to identify and correct inefficiencies set her apart. She uses innovative drills tailored to each swimmer’s needs, ensuring personalized attention and guidance. Her supportive and motivational coaching style creates an environment where swimmers feel encouraged to push their limits and strive for excellence.

Julia’s achievements as a coach include leading swimmers to personal bests, podium finishes, and collegiate-level success. Her commitment to fostering a positive, inclusive team culture helps swimmers celebrate their progress and develop a lifelong love for the sport. Join Coach Julia Kotyla at TNT Swimming and experience the impact of expert coaching delivered with passion and precision. Whether you’re refining your technique or aiming for competitive greatness, Julia is here to guide you every stroke of the way.


Kailey Sheehan: Rising Star in Swimming and Education

Meet Kailey Sheehan, a South Jersey native and dedicated swimmer at Rowan University. Growing up, Kailey swam for the Stratford Swim Team and participated in the Tri-County summer swim league for 15 years. Her love for the sport extended to club swimming, where she competed for esteemed clubs such as GPAC, Jersey Wahoos, and SJAC. Kailey’s passion for swimming has also translated into a commitment to coaching; this summer marks her fourth year as an assistant swim coach for the Stratford Swim Team, and she has been coaching for TNT and offering private swim lessons as well.

As a rising junior at Rowan University, Kailey specializes in sprint freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly. Her dedication and expertise in these strokes make her a standout swimmer and an inspiring coach. Balancing her time between rigorous training and coaching, Kailey brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to every practice. Her firsthand experience as a competitive swimmer provides her with unique insights into the mechanics and strategies needed to excel in the sport.

Beyond the pool, Kailey is pursuing a degree in education with plans to become a teacher. Her goal is to continue coaching and sharing her passion for swimming with future generations. Kailey’s commitment to both education and swimming demonstrates her dedication to fostering growth and excellence in and out of the water. Join Kailey Sheehan at TNT Swimming and benefit from her expertise, passion, and personalized approach to coaching, whether you’re looking to improve your technique or achieve competitive success.

Coach Brad Bowser: Owner and Operator of TNT Swimming

Meet Coach Brad Bowser, the heart and soul behind TNT Swimming, where excellence in competitive swimming meets a passion for teaching. As the Owner and Operator, Brad combines his extensive expertise and love for the sport to create an unparalleled training environment that nurtures swimmers of all levels.

Brad’s journey in swimming began at a young age, evolving from a dedicated athlete to a respected coach and mentor. His deep understanding of stroke mechanics and training techniques stems from years of hands-on experience and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. This unique blend of skills has established Brad as a cornerstone of the Tri-County swimming community.

At TNT Swimming, Brad’s philosophy is simple yet profound: quality over quantity. He emphasizes the importance of swimming with proper technique, believing that 2,500 yards of precise strokes outweighs 5,000 yards of inefficiency. This principle is woven into every aspect of the program, from individualized drills to comprehensive conditioning sessions.

As the driving force behind TNT Swimming, Brad ensures that every swimmer receives personalized attention and tailored training plans. His expertise in stroke analysis and drill execution, combined with a keen eye for detail, helps swimmers perfect their form and enhance their performance. Brad’s daily workouts are meticulously designed to incorporate conditioning, technique refinement, and strategic turns and starts, fostering well-rounded athletes ready to compete at any level.

Under Brad’s leadership, TNT Swimming has become synonymous with success. His dedication to his swimmers’ development has led to significant achievements at Tri-County meets, USS competitions, and even collegiate championships. Brad’s coaching style is marked by encouragement, precision, and an unwavering commitment to each swimmer’s growth.

Beyond the pool, Brad’s role as Owner and Operator means he’s deeply invested in the overall experience at TNT Swimming. He fosters a supportive, inclusive community where swimmers are motivated to push their boundaries and celebrate their progress. Brad’s vision is to create a space where swimmers not only improve their skills but also develop a lifelong love for the sport.

Join Coach Brad Bowser at TNT Swimming and discover the difference that comes from expert coaching and passionate leadership. Whether you’re just starting or aiming for competitive greatness, Brad’s dedication and expertise will guide you every step of the way.