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TNT Swimming @ Rowan University, TNT Start and Turn Clinics, Individual and Small Group Swim Lessons

Individual Competitive Private Lessons

$60 Per Lesson ($5 Rate Increase)

30 Minute Lesson, Small Groups, up to 3 Swimmers, $35 per Swimmer

At Tri-County Elite Swim School, home of TNT Swimming @ Rowan University, we are dedicated to developing competitive swimming abilities through meticulous technique repetition. Our expert coaches are renowned for their deep knowledge of stroke analysis and drills, ensuring each swimmer masters proper mechanics through a variety of unique and effective drills.

Our training practices include suplimental conditioning, precise turns, and explosive starts, with specialized drills to improve explosiveness off the blocks, cleaner entries, and optimized underwater time.

Members of our program have achieved remarkable success at Tri-County, USS, high school, and collegiate levels. We emphasize quality over quantity, advocating that swimming fewer yards with proper technique is far more effective than longer distances with poor form, especially at the beginning of a competitive career.

Join us to experience the difference that expert coaching and detailed technique training can make, helping you swim smarter and achieve your best results.


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