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COVID-19 Update & Protocol

Carol Larson

Dear Membership,

It’s during times like these that swimming is more important than usual. It’s a slice of “normal” for our kids as they are free to be a kid, and swim with friends. It takes a team effort with our coaches, players, families, and the community to create an atmosphere for our kids to safely remain in the pool.  As kids return to school and Covid cases spike locally, we want to clarify our stance and updated safety protocols, please see below for our protocols.


Covid-19 Update
September 2, 2021


Since March of 2020, the Ukiah Dolphins has actively engaged in keeping our kids safe and active during the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve socially distanced trained, we’ve Zoom’d and we’ve utilized train-at-home tools, we’ve operated in social bubbles, and we’ve returned to the pool. With the support of our families and community, we’ve rolled with the many punches thrown our way. 

To date, we haven’t had one positive case linked to our program. We understand that can change at any moment, and we’re continuing to ask for your support. The overall health and safety of our players, families, and coaches is our top priority. We’re proud of our safety record, and it’s only possible when we work closely with families and coaches. 

Like all of us, we’ve watched the recent surge in cases with concern. And now our kids are back in school which means we need to be even more vigilant with our safety protocols.  It’s a tricky time. We’ve learned that consistent and clear communication is key to keeping our kids safely engaged.

Our understanding is that outdoor transmission is low and one of the reasons we’ve been able to stay safe. Again, we realize the situation continues to evolve, and we must be flexible in how we respond. 

Your child will be in close proximity to other children in and out of the pool. If you’re not comfortable, please have your child stay home, and we can refund your dues or apply them to future dues without a problem. 

Let’s continue to work together. Please do not send your child to practice if they’re feeling the least bit sick. Creating an atmosphere for our kids to safely be kids is a team effort. Thank you for your ongoing support and for partnering with us. 


Fall 2021 Covid Protocols

Our updated policy for exposure and a positive test for Covid-19 are as follows: 

  • As soon as you learn of an exposure or a confirmed positive test result, please email [email protected] immediately.
  • If your child has a confirmed exposure, please have your child tested for Covid-19, and they can return to swim practice upon a negative test result. Many of our schools are offering rapid response testing; you can purchase over-the-counter rapid tests, you can work with your healthcare provider, and you can contact County Public Health at (707) 234-6052. If you choose not to have your child tested, they may not return to the pool for ten days and must be symptom-free. 
  • If a swimmer or coach tests positive for Covid-19, they are to be quarantined for ten days and may return to the pool once the quarantined time is complete. The other swimmers/coaches who were in contact with that player are to be tested. If they test negative, they can continue to practice. If swimmers/coaches don’t take a Covid test, they will be required to quarantine for at least ten days and remain symptom-free before returning to practice.
  • Information from Dr. Andy Coren, Public Health Officer
  • We ask parents to keep sick children home from school.
  • Test symptomatic people
  •  For children who were in close contact in school with the symptomatic case while both were wearing masks, we have a "modified quarantine" that allows close contacts to stay in class as long as they continue to test negative twice per week. (School instruction is considered essential; extracurricular activities are not. Therefore, students under modified quarantine may attend class but not non-essential activities such as extracurriculars.), i.e. Swim Practice
  • Close contacts who are not tested must stay home for the quarantine period. This means students miss out on more educational and social experiences.
  • Finally, a quick reminder that hand sanitizing is still a powerful way to limit the spread of the virus. Students have reported that hand-washing stations have been removed from school campuses. Dr. Coren reminds everyone that hand washing and sanitizing is still very important.

In cases of positive tests, we will alert the affected families via email immediately. 

Please continue to stay diligent, and if your child is not feeling well, please do not send them to practice. 

Please monitor your child and members of your household for symptoms. Symptoms include fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, the new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion, runny nose, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea.

If you have any health-related questions, please contact your healthcare provider or Public Health at (707) 234-6052.

Thank you for working with us during these challenging times. 

If you have any questions, please let us know. 

Thank you,

Gina Danner


Ukiah Dolphins