Wedgwood Swim Club 

Group Lessons Information- Swim Placement

If you are unsure what class to sign your child up for, we have a few options to help determine your child’s swim level! Please do not register your child for a class without ensuring it is the correct level, we have very limited availability to move students if they are in the wrong class!

(Note: if you took lessons at WW pool during summer 2022, and cannot remember your child's swim level, you can email the lesson coordinator to look it up for you: [email protected]

Option 1: Swim level questionnaire

We recommend starting by filling out the swim level questionnaire! Please fill it out for each child individually. This information will remain private and the swim lesson coordinator (Julie Lockhart) will follow up to help determine your child's swim level. After reviewing your form, if the swim lesson coordinator is unable to determine the best level for your child, she may recommend going to Wedgwood swim club for an person for a swim test. However many of the swim levels can easily be determined with a few simple questions!

Swim level questionnaire:

Option 2: Swim Placement Test at Wedgwood Swim Club

If we are unable to determine your child’s level using the swim lesson questionnaire, you can go to Wedgwood Swim Club for an in-person swim placement test. (Swim tests will be available after May 20th). 

To schedule a placement test, email [email protected] or call (252) 228-4534.


Email Julie Lockhart, Lesson Coordinator, at [email protected] or call (252) 228-4534 with any other questions regarding swim class placement!