Wedgwood Swim Club 


Wedgwood Swim Club- Private Lessons

Wedgwood Swim Club offers private lessons to both members and non-members. Private lessons are run very differently than group lessons and are offered with very limited availability.  

Scheduling Private Lessons

We do not have registration for private lessons. Instead, Wedgwood Lifeguards can schedule private lessons on their own time, outside of their scheduled guarding shifts and group lessons. This means that there is limited time for guards to offer private lessons, and our availability depends on the availability of our lifeguards. Last summer, we had 150 requests for non-member lessons, and we were able to get 45 non-member families scheduled for lessons. We want to be very up front about our limited availability. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee a private lesson spot for everyone that is interested.

Below is our "Private Lesson Interest Form." You may fill this form out whenever you would like, however this form DOES NOT guarantee you private lessons this summer, it simply collects your information so that a guard can contact you to schedule if they have availability. Also, please also note that the first priority for private lessons goes to WW pool members. If you have any further questions about private lessons, you can email our swim lesson coordinator, Julie Lockhart at: [email protected]

Private Lesson Interest Form: THE INTEREST FORM FOR SUMMER 2023 WILL BE POSTED ON JULY 1ST, 2023. 

Members can email [email protected] with questions about private lessons. 

This form DOES NOT guarantee you a spot in private lessons, it simply collects your information to add you to our interest list. If a lifeguard has availability, they will contact you directly.

Private Lesson Age Restrictions:

Private lessons are for individuals ages 3 and up who are fully potty trained. We also offer private lessons for adults!

Private Lesson Hours:

Lifeguards can schedule private lessons between 1-7pm on weekdays and 1-4pm on weekends. However the exact time will depend on the instructor's availability that you are scheduling with.

Private Lesson Timing and Rules: Each lesson is 30 minutes.The swimmer can only be in the pool during the 30 minute lesson, and must exit the pool immediately after the lesson. Siblings ARE NOT allowed in the pool during their sibling's lesson. 

Private lesson prices: 

Private lesson prices for a 30 minute lesson. (the exact price varies depending on the experience of the instructor you are working with). 

Note: Semi private lessons are for a maximum of 2 swimmers. The coordination of these lessons is between the family members and the instructor. The pool management is not responsible for coordinating.

Non-member private lessons: $45-$49
Non-member semi-private lessons: $60-$64
Member private lessons:  $30-$34
Member semi-private lesson:  $41-$43


Email Julie Lockhart, Lesson Coordinator at [email protected] with any other questions regarding private lessons!