MAC Parent Program Information and Code of Conduct - Click on the link to find out detailed information and expectations about our program.

Season Fees: Swimmers must be registered prior to their first practice with the team. All registrations must be submitted online.  Once your payment is received we will activate your account. Checks must be submitted within 5 days of registration; your registration will not be approved until payment is received. 

There are two payment options. Full-season or monthly. Full-season swim fees are due at time of registration and receive a discount reflected in the fee. Monthly fees are due by the 1st of each month with the first payment due at registration. 

If you choose the monthly payment option, you must have a credit card or bank account set up on AutoPay. Fees due at registration can be paid by credit card or personal check, ACH is not available for registration.  To set up AutoPay, go to "My Account" and Set Up AutoPay, click the "Current Payment Method" drop down menu and select to charge either the BANK ACCOUNT or CREDIT CARD, click "Edit" and fill in your credit card number or bank account, and Save Changes.

Login instructions will be e-mailed to you once your account is activated.  You should login right away and verify your account information and enter your insurance and emergency contact information.  If you do not receive an email with your login information, please let us know right away by contact Janis at [email protected]. You will use this account to sign up for MAC hosted meets, meet entries and much more.  It is important that you log on and get familiar with the site.

Overdue accounts will be charged a $10 late fee each month. Convenience fees for credit cards transactions that are not able to be processed will not be refunded. Please keep your credit card information up-to-date.

Practice schedules are dependent on the facility.  While we always try to maintain consistent practice schedules, times and locations are subject to change. 

Scholarship Information - Our mission, at the Madison Aquatic Club, is to provide swimmers of all ages and abilities the opportunity to participate in the sport of swimming regardless of their income or ability to pay. We accept financial assistance requests throughout the year for assistance with swim fees or travel costs associated with meets. Consideration is giving on an individual basis, case by case basis. For more information, see our Scholarship Program page


USA Swimming Registration: Each of our swimmers will be registered with USA Swimming, an organization of over 300,000 beginner, competitive and Olympic members all sharing a passion for swimming. USA Swimming registration provides swimmers and their families with valuable swimming information, recognition, and opportunities, as well as insurance coverage for our swimmers and coaches. Registration is annual and the fee is collected at registration.


Meet Fees: Families are also required to pay for meet entries over the course of the season. Once the meet deadline passes, no changes will be made to our team entry and families are responsible for any meet fees for entries submitted, even if the swimmer does not attend the meet.  Individual swimmer meet entry fees will be billed as they occur.

The fees for meets, usually around $4 per event, plus a $3 event surcharge (typically a swimmer will compete in 3 - 4 events per day). The meet fees are billed to your account, and invoices will be e-mailed monthly. You are responsible for prompt payment of all meet fees by the 1st of the following month. It is recommended that you set up a credit card or bank account (Setup Auto Pay on website) on your swim team account the transaction will automatically process on the due date (1st of the month).


Swimmers with a disability - We are an inclusive team. If you have a child with a disability that needs assistance to successfully participate, if possible please let us know at registration or at least 2 weeks prior to the start date of swimming to allow for coordination of support.


No Refund Policy: Swim fees are non-refundable.  The only exception to this policy is for extended injury or illness (three weeks or more), in which a doctor's note is required.  The doctor's note must be submitted in a timely manner for a credit to be issued towards future swim fees.  If the team is not notified within two weeks of the injury or illness, the credit may not be approved. 


Volunteer Requirements:  Hosting meets are in important source of revenue for our program and running a running a quality meet properly requires many volunteers.  Each family has the same requirement regardless of both the number of children on the team and whether their child is participating in the meet or not since the revenue generated from hosting a home meet benefits the entire team. The number of meet sessions needed to be fulfilled by each family will be determined at the beginning of the season depending on the number of meets we are hosting and the number of registered families. For those families not able to volunteer, there will be a buyout option. There are a variety of jobs available at a team hosted meet to fit everyone’s interest.  It is not only rewarding to participate in your child’s sport but it is also a great way to meet other team parents.


How to Register Online: Our registration process is very simple. Click on the above link or “Swim Team Registration” button on the right side of the home page of this website and follow the easy steps to sign-up for the season. Returning members will need to be signed into the web site to have their account ready to go.

You will be asked electronically sign to a number of policy agreements regarding the team (medical release, liability waiver, billing, etc). Please print these for your records as families will be held responsible for these items.

Once your sign-up is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. Your account will list “pending team approval” once you are complete. That is normal and is our way of making sure families sign up correctly. Only those families who are current members or been placed on our team via tryouts or clinics will be allowed to register for the team. 


Coach Evaluation: Evaluations  are helpful in order to enable the coaches to accurately assess every swimmer who has the intention of registering with the Madison Aquatic Club.  This is done in both the best interest of the athlete and the coaching staff, so that the placement of each athlete in his/her level is done with purpose, intention and with the respect given to each athlete’s individual success.  We remain committed to accommodating as many swimmers on our team as we possibly can without sacrificing the quality of our program. 

For more swimming information for our members, please see the FAQ tab within our website.