MAC Meet Volunteer Information


Hosting meets is important to our team and it takes a great deal of volunteers to run them successfully.  We ask every family to be available to volunteer for MAC hosted meets even if your swimmer is not attending the meet.  Meets are a great way to get to know other parents and be involved in your swimmer’s efforts.  Seasonal volunteer requirements depend on the number of families we have on our team and on the number and type of meet MAC is hosting.


How-To Sign-up

Our meet volunteer sign-up is through our Team Unify website linked to the MAC hosted meet.  Families will be emailed when the signup goes live.  Some positions can fill quickly, if there is a particular area you are interested in, we recommend you to sign up soon after it is opened.  If you know that you have a prior commitment on the meet weekend, there are occasionally pre-meet jobs available.  Responsible older swimmers and siblings can also fill certain volunteer shifts, please see the specific detail on the job sign-up.  Once you commit to a position, please honor that commitment for the sake of our meet and your fellow volunteers.  It is your responsibility to find a replacement if you cannot make your shift.  If there is an emergency, please contact the Meet Director.


Description of Meet Volunteer Positions

Admissions – Collect admission and heat sheet fees. Wrist bands will be given to each paid spectator. Assist with volunteer sign-in and name tags.  Experience:  None

Announcer – Operates the public address system.  Announces events, participants in heats, event results and other pertinent information to keep everyone informed as directed by the Meet Referee and Meet Director.  Experience: Knowledge of swim meets preferred

Awards – From the results generated by the computer operator, organize ribbons, medals and/or trophies for distribution.  Experience:  None

Clean-Up – Assist in returning the facility to its pre-meet condition, take down any equipment needed to run the meet and lend support to concessions and hospitality area.  Experience:  None

Clerk of Course – The role and function of this position varies by meet.  For a timed final meet with younger swimmers, this position is used to line up the swimmers and assist them into their proper lanes.  Experience:  Basic knowledge of swim meets helpful but not necessary

Concessions – Help prepare, serve and sell food and beverages to spectators.  Experience:  None

Hospitality – Arrange, set up and maintain snacks and beverages for coaches and officials.  Experience:  None

Meet Marshal – Maintains safety on deck and within the locker rooms according to proper procedure.  Ensure only swimmers, coaches, officials, and meet volunteers are on deck.  Marshals are an important element in the conduct of a safe and efficient meet.  Assist in supervision and control of the warm-up sessions, maintain crowd control, deck access, proper competitor and spectator decorum and safe, courteous behavior in other areas of the venue such as locker rooms.  Experience:  Knowledge of a swim meet preferred

Official – Positions (referee/starter and stroke & turn) must be certified under USA Swimming.  See WI Swimming for more information on becoming an official.  Experience: USA Swimming Certification or Apprentice standing

Runner – Post heat sheets prior to start of meet and deliver copy to Announcer, Timing and Officials.  Pick up timer sheets and DQ slips and deliver them to scoring. Post results and deliver a copy to awards.  Requires continuous walking throughout the meet.  Experience:  None

Scoring – Operates the computer with Meet Manager software.  Enter DQ’s, verify swimmer times with timer sheets, enter relay names, print results, and clear up any discrepancies.  Experience: Familiarity with HyTek Meet Manager software. 

Scoring Assistant – Works closely with the scoring operator.  Assists in verifying backup times with the timing system, checks DQs, printing results and labels for awards, and organizes the storage of all hard copy and back up material.  Experience:  None, however this position is highly encouraged for those interested in training to becoming scoring operator

Timing System Operator – Operate the timing console (Colorado or Daktronics) that is used to record the swimmers times.  Experience:  Prior experience preferred

Timing System Operator Assistant – Assist the Timing Operator.  Experience:  None.  Position is encouraged for those interested in training to become a timing operator

Timer – Starts and stops a watch and/or presses a button on a lane and by doing so, provide a time from each timing system they use.  No experience needed.  New timers will be paired with experienced timers.  Attend a timers meeting 15-30 minutes before the start of the session. The head official will go over your duties and answer any questions you may have.  Experience:  None

Head Timer – Supervise the timers.  Responsible for assembling them, assigning them to lanes, distributing and collecting watches, pencils, and clipboards, assisting the Meet Official in conducting the timers meeting, and handling any timing issues.  Experience:  Timing at a minimum of 3 meets