Volunteers Needed!

Timberline is a non-profit organization and relies greatly on volunteerism. Volunteering is important to make our club successful, and by becoming an active and involved club member we know your skating experience will be both worthwhile and enjoyable. 

Club Member Volunteer Hour Requirements are as follows:
  • 15 hours a year for Full & Introductory Memberships
  • 10 hours a year for Associate Memberships

A charge of $10.00 per hour will be billed at the end of the skating year for all volunteer hours not completed. Skaters will not be allowed to skate the next season until the balance of volunteer fees are paid in full per club bylaws. 

If your skater participates in the annual show and/or camps/test sessions additional volunteer hours are required for each event.

You may opt out of volunteer hours by paying $150 for Full & Introductory memberships. Associate members must pay $100 to opt out.

Thank you for your support!