Danielle Wolosek - Senior Coach

Phone: 715.697.3111
Email: [email protected]
$72/hour   $18/15 min

Danielle Wolosek teaches all levels of Moves in the Field, Freestyle, Dance and International Dances. She has been teaching skaters for more than 10 years and continues to instill excellence in every skater she works with. Her true passion is coaching and enjoys sharing her love of skating with all of her students as she makes them smile while training them to be the best skaters they can be. 
Montana Grabowsky - Senior Coach
Phone:  715.216.5611
Email: [email protected]
$39/hour $9.75/15 min
Senior MIF, Senior Solo Free Dance, Gold Dance, Senior Partner Free Dance, 6 International Dances, Canadian Gold Dance, Juvenile Free Skate, Intermediate Pairs and Preliminary Figures. Coach of the Timberline Figure Skating High School Team since the 2018/2019 season. 2 years synchronized skating experience, 12 years teaching Learn to Skate and 7 years professional coaching experience. Graduate from UW-Stevens Point with a B.S, Double Major in Marketing and Management and Coaching Certificate. Professional Coach/Choreographer. CER program certified. PSA Member.
Lea Beckman - Senior Coach
Phone: 715.581.0350
Email: [email protected]
$28/hour $7.00/15 min
Novice MIF, Pre-Juvenile Free Skate and Silver Dance. 12 years teaching Learn to Skate and 6 years professional coaching experience. Coach of the Timberline Figure Skating High School Team since 2019/2020 Season. Graduate with a B.S. degree in Finance from UW Stevens Point and MBA candidate, professional Coach/Choreographer. CER Program Certified.
Joelle Steiner - Senior Coach
Phone: 715.218.3692
Email: [email protected]
$36/hour $9/15 min
Preliminary Figures, Juvenile MIF, Novice Free Dance and Pre-Gold Dance. 15 years professional coaching experience.                                        Professional Coach/Choreographer. CER Program Certified.
Madison Altman-Wendt - Junior Coach
Phone: 715.216.9150
$16/hour $4.00/ 15 min
Intermediate MIF, Preliminary Free Skate and Bronze Dance. 5 years teaching Learn to Skate. CER Program certified.
Brooklyn Kraegenbrink - Junior Coach
Phone: 715.218.3862
$16/hour $4.00/15 min
Novice MIF, Juvenile Free Skate, 3 Pre-Gold Dances, and Juvenile Pairs. Learn to Skate Certified and CER Program Certified.