Opening & Closing
All skaters can be in the opening and closing number.

Learn to Skate
Each learn to skate class will have a separate routine for the show (Snowplow thru Pre-Free Skate) plus another number grouped with another learn to skate class.
Performance Lines
Beginner Line: Must be in Free Skate 1 or higher
Intermediate Line: Must have passed Pre-Preliminary Free Skate & Preliminary Moves
Advanced Line: Must have passed Pre-Juvenile Free Skate & Juvenile Moves
Badger Line: Must compete a solo event at Badger State Games representing Timberline
Synchro Line: Must be in Free Skate 1 or higher 
Solo/Feature Requirements
There will be 10 solos awarded to skaters that are in Free Skate 1 or higher and have competed in a competition between February 1 of the prior year to January 31 of the current year, to allow for proper planning. All solo decisions must be made in early February for the Spring show.   Seniors receive an honorary solo, exempt from prerequisites  For each USFSA test you have passed you get 1 point, 1 point for each year you have been a part of the club, and 3 points for being a full member. Highest points receive the solos. Skaters who meet the qualifications, but are not awarded a solo or do not want to perform a solo, may have the opportunity to do a feature if opted to do so. If two skaters want to be paired up, the show committee/coaches will try to accommodate, but many times it may be assigned per skater’s level.