Medicine Hat Manta Rays Summer Swim Club

Financial Policy


The Registration Fee is due by the first day of practice.  Each swimmer is expected to pay club fees at the beginning of the season as well as any fundraising obligations as set forth by the executive committee (which may include pre-paying for these activities). Failure to do so may result in a swimmer’s registration being removed or any other consequence that the executive deems appropriate. 

To meet financial obligations, the executive of the Medicine Hat Manta Rays Summer Swim Club will review the fee structure, including refund amounts of the club annually. 

Partial Payment

If the full Registration Fee is not financially attainable in one lump sum payment, the payer may opt to pay in two post-dated cheques (one at the beginning of the first month and one at the beginning of the second month).  

E.g. If the Registration Fee is $250 + $75 ASSA Fee, the first month payment would equal half of the Registration Fee $125 + $75 ASSA Fee = $200 and the second month payment would equal the remaining $125. 

Third Child - Reduced Rate

Any family who is registering three or more children will receive 50% off their third and subsequent child(ren)’s registration fee. The reduced fee will be applied to the youngest child.


If payment has not been received by the first day of practice, the swimmer is not welcome to join practices until full payment for the season has been received or both cheques for partial payment have been received.

Late Registration

Swimmers registering late will be required to pay full Registration Fee and participate in any fundraising activities that remain in the season. Should they register after fundraising activities, they will be exempt from those activities. 

Refund Request

On occasion, a child may struggle with the sport, or may not be ready for swim club even though they have registered. This refund schedule is the same should a swimmer request to leave the club or should the coaches feel that a swimmer has not met minimum requirements for swim club.  If a refund is requested after the first week but within the first month of a swimmer registering, a refund of 50% may be considered. No refunds after one month will be provided with exception of injury-related requests. 

Injury-Related Refund

After one month, a refund will be given ONLY for a swimmer who has suffered an injury preventing their return to the season.  A doctor’s note may be expected to validate injury.



Fundraising commitment per family will be $150.00. Fundraising opportunities will exist during the season. If fundraising commitments are not fully met prior to August 1, the remainder of the outstanding balance will be invoiced to the family.

Financial Policy Approved by Board of Directors Jan 2019