Medicine Hat Manta Rays Summer Swim Club

Alberta Summer Swimming Association Event List


-In addition to the events listed, club meets may elect to offer the following additional events:

  • 6&U - flutter board
  • 7&8 - flutter board
  • 9&O - 25 m Freestyle
  • Mixed age relays - the relay must consist of 2 males and 2 females

-Relays age groups are 8&U, 10&U, 12&U, 17&U and Open.  At least one swimmer must be in the age group equivalent to the corresponding individual age group.

-Subject to a qualifying time of 45 seconds in the corresponding 25 m event 

-Subject to a qualifying time of 45 seconds in either the 25 m Freestyle or 25 m Backstroke

-Minimum qualifying time is 4 minutes in 200 m Freestyle or 8 minutes in 400 m Freestyle 

-Minimum qualifying time is 8 minutes in 400 m Freestyle, or 16 minutes in 800 m Freestyle or 30 minutes in 1500 m Freestyle