Medicine Hat Manta Rays Summer Swim Club

1. When does the Summer Swim Club being?

The swim season will run from May 1 to August 20, 2023. Practices will not occur on the Monday of a long weekend.

2. Is this a new club?

Relatively new, yes. Previous to us, the Medicine Hat Hurricanes Summer Swim Club existed until 2014. The club was unfortunately dissolved. Medicine Hat was then left without a summer swim club. The Manta Rays enjoyed their first inaugural season in 2019.

3. What age does my child have to be to participate?

This year the club will offer programs from ages 6-17.

4. What is the difference between a Summer Swim Club and a Full-year Swim Club?

The summer swimming season is from May to mid-August (although this year we will begin in June as a start up club).  A competitive full-year club season operates from September to June/July depending on the ability level of your child. Summer swimming offers the same skill development as a year-long club, just with less time in the water over an 12 month period. Summer swimming still has local swim meets, Regional Championships and the ability to qualify for a Provincial Championship for your child to gain competition experience. However, if your child really enjoys the sport and becomes very serious about swimming at the next level (varsity, national, international, etc.) than they should definitely commit to a winter club between the ages of 10-15 depending on their ability.

5. What are the benefits of starting my child's experience in a summer club?

Summer swimming provides an excellent opportunity for your children to be introduced into the sport of competitive swimming at an introductory level with less financial and time commitments than a full year swim club. It is perfect for multi-sport athletes to learn competitive swimming skills while still maintaining the ability to participate in school or other club sports during the majority of the school year. If your child finds enjoyment and success in the summer club system, it can be a great stepping stone into a full year winter club system. 

6. If my child previously swam in a full-year club, can they still swim in the summer swim club?

Short answer, yes. However, depending on the level of participation your child had in a year-long club and how long ago this occurred, it may affect their eligibility to compete at Championship meets at the end of summer. Your child can always be registered as an "Exhibition" swimmer and can compete in non-championship meets in their first year. Please refer to ASSA Rules and Regulations for more information. If you require more clarification or information on this matter, please contact the club directly.

7. How do I determine what group my child is best suited for?

Please see the guidelines for each swim group located on the swim group information page. Coaches will also assess each swimmers' ability level during first couple weeks of practices to deem appropriate placement.

8. What are Swim Meets?

Swim Meets are competitions hosted by swim clubs, Regions or the Alberta Summer Swimming Association (ASSA) at which swimmers have the opportunity to race each other in various events within their age group.

Swim meets are a great family experience; they're a place where the whole family can spend time together. They also provide a great opportunity for swimmers to see progress from their efforts in practice, and socialize with their teammates, family and friends.

9. Does my child need to compete in swim meets?

No. Not every child has the desire to compete and therefore competition is not a mandatory part of the joining the club. However, swim meets are a great opportunity for your child to build confidence, friendships and other life long skills. Sometimes it is hard for a child to see their improvements and progression without benchmarks made during competitions. Would you place your child in sports such as hockey, soccer, or basketball if they were never able to play in a game?

10. Does my child need to attend all swim meets?

No. Not all families attend all swim meets. Most families attend selected meets during the summer that work best with their family schedule.

11. Is attendance at all practices mandatory?

No.  Children miss practices due to balancing other commitments (ex. soccer, ball hockey, dance, etc.), illness or various other reasons.  It is not uncommon for families to miss one or two weeks during the season due to a family summer vacation. This is perfectly understandable and accepted in the summer swimming system. Regardless of your attendance, our coaching staff will always ensure a smooth transition back into the program upon your child's return.  

12. Are there any fundraising commitments?

Yes. Fundraising commitment per family will be $150.00. Fundraising opportunities will exist during the season. If fundraising commitments are not fully met prior to August 1, the remainder of the outstanding balance will be invoiced to the family. As a Club we look for appropriate fundraisers that are achievable and reasonable to our executive members to implement and our families to participate. We all have busy lives and selling things is not what any of us really want to do in our free time. We will always try to make fundraisers practical and easy. If the fundraiser suits your family's needs then please participate. However, please know all fundraising dollars allow the club to keep fees at a reasonable level. 

13. Are there any other club commitments or obligations?

Yes. All families will be required to supply a qualified Official to help during swim meets. This is necessary for our Club and other Club's in the region to provide swim meets to our athletes. If a family does not commit to the minimum requirements needed to fulfill their Swim Meet Officials commitment they will be invoiced $100.00. 

14. How do I become a certified Level 1 official?

Provide your email and information to the Club Officials Chair, they can set up an account with Swim Canada and then you can do the course online. It is free.

15. I have more questions, who can I contact?

Please contact the Summer Club via email at:

Email: [email protected]