Provided Service

Bettendorf Aquatics is a year-round competitive swimming program offering high quality professional coaching and techincal instruction for wide array of ages and abilities.

The Swim Team is designed to develop each swimmer physically, mentally, and emotionally in a series of stages intended to gradually increase their level of commitment. The highest tier training group is for highly competitive athletes.


Bettendorf Aquatics' goal is to provide every member the opportunity and environment to achieve their individual peak swimming performance. Through this process each swimmer can develop skillsets to be used throughout life:


• strong listening skills, social skills and empathy

• defining, working towards, and acheiving success in each endeavor they pursue

• developing the drive to continually improve oneself (through consistent effort and regular review)

• relishing the challenging aspects of the sport

• finding the rewarding aspects of the sport in all swimming related scenarios

• building their own ideals that are based in honesty and integrity