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Bettendorf Aquatics Practice Environment

Bettendorf Aquatics stresses the importance of providing a good practice environment for the swimmers. In this environment, each swimmer can learn about themselves and take skills/values with them to whatever their furture holds. 

The main focus for each practice is to maintain a space where every swmmer can:

• feel comfortable

• work on interpersonal skills

• make friendships

• improve techinically in swimming

• learn to self motivate

• learn to believe in themselves



Swimming Fast with Bettendorf Aquatics

Acheiveing goal times and swimming fast is a result of consistent effort day-in and day-out, over the course of years. In order to acheive this, the swimming environment needs to be one that retains the swimmer's enthusiasm for the sport. We strive to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging and developing each individual to the best of their abilities.’


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