Our goal is to build a swimmer friendly, family friendly club that values and welcomes all levels of athletic competence and enthusiasm. Below is a list and description of the values we hold as a club and strive to uphold every day. 


Excel Swim Club values opportunity for all swimmers and families     

  • Our goal is to provide athletes with a quality USA Swimming experience while allowing them the flexibility to pursue other interests. We are entirely compatible with and supportive of Summer League swimming. We also encourage high school team participation because we believe in the positive impact it has on the individual and the team. Excel does not exclude those involved in other sports or activities; in fact, we encourage our athletes to explore a full range of interests. To that end, we do not require every swimmer to attend every workout but instead we celebrate participation at the level each individual family can meet.

Excel Swim Club values the experience and growth of our coaching staff     

  • Our goal is to provide our staff with a positive and supportive environment in which to work and grow as professionals. We pride ourselves in our coach retention rate and the sense of community we create across the staff.

Excel Swim Club values community, diversity, equity, and inclusion.   

  • Our goal is to foster community in and out of the pool and ensure access and belonging to all people interested in USA Swimming. Every new swimmer and family that joins Excel are viewed as an extension of the Excel community. Each swimmer and family bring their own identities, cultures and community with them to make the Excel Swim Club more diverse and exceptional. We strongly believe that the larger Excel community can only be created by understanding and appreciating the smaller communities we serve. The diversity of the Excel membership can only be appreciated if identity and culture are recognized and respected. This is what we strive for with every swimmer and family who join Excel Swim Club. 

Excel Swim Club values the cultivation of a lifelong love of swimming  

  • Our goal is to make swimming a sustainable and enjoyable activity. We believe swimmers are better able to enjoy swimming as a lifelong sport when they have options for their participation, coaches who recognize individual needs and positive connections to a community. We also believe that swimmers need special care and attention in order to prevent and recover from injury at such young ages. We have provided a space for many swimmers who have sustained injuries or burnout from their training at a younger age to help them rekindle their love of swimming. The Excel coaches focus on the physical, emotional and social well-being of swimmers to help foster and maintain a love for swimming.