Club Organizational Structure and Management

The USA Swimming-affiliated swim team of the JCC of Greater Baltimore is called JCC Swimming

JCC of Greater Baltimore

The team is owned by the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore.  The JCC of Greater Baltimore is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, which is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  The Senior professional staff member of the JCC is its Chief Executive Officer, Barak Hermann ([email protected], 410-559-3502).  The Aquatics Department is supervised by Chief Operations Officer Paul Lurie ([email protected], 410-559-3546).  Day-to-day management of the operations of the Swim Team is administered by the Aquatics Director, Shawnise Crawford ([email protected], 410-500-5931.)  The Aquatics Director has responsibility for the hiring and firing of staff; for all team finances (including sponsorships and fundraising); and for the day-to-day corporate health of the team.  The team’s program is administered by the Head Coach, Brendan McElroy (c[email protected].)  Anna Rotman ([email protected]) serves as the team’s Registrar both for purposes of collecting fees and for handling registration issues with USA Swimming.

The part-time coaches who work for the team are employees of the Aquatics Department of the JCC of Greater Baltimore.  They are managed by the Head Coach, and Supervised by the Aquatics Director.  All employees of the JCC of Greater Baltimore are given a background check upon hire, which includes submitting fingerprints.

The Associated

The JCC of Greater Baltimore is a constituent agency of The Associated Jewish Community Fund of Greater Baltimore, more commonly referred to as The Associated.  The Associated built and supports the maintenance of the facilities used by the JCC, including the pools, gyms and locker rooms used by the Swim Team.  In the last five years, The Associated has provided over a million dollars in funds to improve or upgrade aquatics facilities at the JCC of Greater Baltimore.  Without the help of The Associated, the Swim Team would not have the facilities that it uses to practice and compete.  Community donations to The Associated also help fund the team’s scholarship programs.

Thanks to its continued support, the team considers The Associated to be its primary Corporate Sponsor.  Unlike many other swim teams (or other sports teams) the Swim Team does not conduct annual fundraisers, thanks in large part to the financial support of The Associated.  During The Associated’s annual fund drive, swim team families are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED (though not required) to make some kind of contribution to the campaign.

Because of the essential financial support of The Associated, there are some limitations on the time, place, and manner, of the types of activities conducted by the team, particularly in the areas of fundraising.