Important Websites

  1. 1) (TeamUnify website)

    1. Team’s main website for year-round swimmers

    2. Critical to read “Parents” tab especially “Meets (Pre and Post)” section

    3. Register for meets, review assigned events

  2. 2) (Maryland Swimming website)

    1. Meet Info for all MD meets if does not have the info (Age requirements, B/BB/A times)

    2. MD State Championship Qualifying times

    3. Database of Maryland Top 10 swimmers by age group

    4. Recognition/Scholarships/Swim Camps

  3. 3) (USA Swimming website)

    1. Swim results and National Ranking by Age (via “Times” tab,”Times Search”, “Event Rank”)

    2. IMX score (via “Times” tab, “IMX and Power Point”)

    3. DeckPass info (register using swimmer’s USASwimming ID)

  4. 4) (latest national news and tips related to swimming) 

  5. Mobile applications

    1. MeetMobile (live results during the meet, $5.99 annual fee)

    2. DeckPass (USA Swimming application that allows swimmers to connect with all of their friends, share times,

      set goals and see IMX scores

    3. OnDeck Parent by TeamUnify (JCC team’s mobile application connected to website that

      hosts billing, best times, upcoming meets, swim results). Enter team alias “mdbjcc

  6. Equipment


    Local store - CY’s of Catonsville-719 Frederick Rd, Catonsville, Md 21228

Here is the link to Time Standards

Go to page 2 (Short Course Yards, September – March season) 38aea59b0008/2016MotivationalTimes-Top16.pdf

Team Contacts

Coaches Administration

Brendan McElroy 443-253-3615 [email protected]

*Copy Coach McElroy on all emails to other coaches
Stephanie Mccown [email protected]

Megan Risper                    [email protected]

Anna Rotman (meets/registration) [email protected]

Rebecca Chinsky – Aquatics Director   [email protected]