JCC Swimming may wish to take photographs (individual and in groups) of swimmers under the age of 18 that may include your child during their membership in the club. All photos will be taken and published in line with club policy. The club requires parental consent to take and use photographs. Parents have a right to refuse agreement to their child being photographed.


All photographs must observe generally accepted standards of decency, in particular:


- Photographs will not be taken from behind swimming blocks at the start of a race or exhibit a child climbing out of the swimming pool.

- Photographs will not be taken in locker‐rooms or bathrooms, this includes the kids using

their cell phones, etc.

- Action shots will be a celebration of the sporting activity and not a sexualized image in a sporting context.



1. The publishing of a photograph of swimmer under 18 either on a social media site or team website or video recording (including video streaming) of swimming competitions will only be done with parents’ consent.

2. A parent or guardian has a right to refuse to have children photographed. The exercise of this right of refusal cannot be used as grounds for refusing entry into a swimming competition. Therefore any photo that may go to the team social media sites or team websites, be it through a member of the club or official photographer, should receive parental consent before publishing/displaying the photo.


 If you do not give consent please print out and sign the form attached, allowing parents to indicate refusal for all the team related social media site follows. Return the form to the administrator.


Parents/Guardians should also be aware that swimmer’s name, age (as of the first day of the meet), club and seed time shall appear on the meet entry information pages on the website of the host team and swimmer’s name, age (year only), club, and results shall appear on the meet results pages on the website of the host teams for all meets the swimmers have placed entries, regardless of actual participation. Middle Atlantic Swimming and US Swimming may similarly post swimmers entries/results, as well as rankings/records of outstanding achievements. No other identifying information shall be included without additional approval. When entering a swimmer for the US Swimming meet, parents/guardians are providing approval for this information to be posted.