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Our Swim Team is located in Owings Mills, Maryland and practices at the Rosenbloom Owings Mills JCC. The team's history stretches back to the 1950s, but the team first became known as the Baltimore JCC Barracudas in 1977, when the first outdoor pool was built for the Shapiro Recreation Park (now the Shapiro Aquatics Park) on Gywnnbrook Avenue. The team joined USA Swimming in 2007. The USA Swimming-affiliated swim team of the JCC of Greater Baltimore is officially called JCC Swimming. JCC Swimming participates in meets throughout the year as part of Maryland Swimming. In 2010, the team merged with another team (the Baltimore Metro Aquatic Club, or BMAC) under the leadership of Head Coach Brendan McElroy. Later that year, the team sent its first swimmer to the USA Swimming Junior National Championships. In 2015, Nolan Plant became the team's first Scholastic All-American.

Team Mission:

The mission of the Baltimore JCC Swimming Team (JCC Swimming) is to promote lifetime physical fitness and wellness by teaching the skills and techniques of competitive swimming in a safe and affirming environment. We celebrate both individual and team achievements in an environment that respects and honors Jewish identity while striving to serve the needs of the diverse local community.

Team Vision Statement:

We Swim for Good Times!

The team's vision statement can intentionally be read two ways:First, the team is focused on individual achievement, as objectively measured bythe clock.Our team's philosophy puts a greater value on an individual swimmer performing a best time than a swimmer who wins their race but does not swim to their best ability. This first approach leads directly to the second interpretation of this statement:With emphasis on team achievement and a focus that values individual improvement, the team seeks to provide a structure that encourages holistic growth and development and provides opportunities for leadership growth and development.

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