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Competitive Swimming & Diving Programs of the Holland Aquatic Center

 Overall Diving FAQ's 


Why is your team slogan "Don't Settle"?

One of our favorite questions - why Don't Settle?

How long is your season?

Our seasons extend from January through August for National Competition and Mid September thru December for our fall season (time and date may vary). Please note, the peak of our travel season will begin in April and go thru July which may influence your summer plans. If this might affect you, please contact coach Jean Luc.

When can I join?

Our year-round program allows drivers to join at any time of the year. If your goal is to get some quality competition, we do recommend joining sooner rather than later! 


What is the approximate cost of MLA Diving?

Our current cost will vary depending on the age and level your diver has. Our current monthly coaching fee’s my range between $90 - $195. Please note there is one necessary charge as you register:  

MLA Team Registration Fee is $75 each competitive season and $40 each fall season. This payment includes annual diving fees, and cover additional team expenses that may arise through the season. Athletes are welcome to also add an extra fee for our team t-shirts.

  • Note: Divers participating in USA regionals will have to pay for an upgraded membership which allows them to participate in national events (competitive membership).

Where are practices at?

All MLA practices are held at the Holland Aquatic Center located at 550 Maple Ave., Holland MI 49423. There are no mandatory practices for members of the white, red and blue groups.

Practice times may vary depending on all high school, middle school, and Hope College swim/dive meets held at the facility. The practice calendar can be found by clicking here.


Billing FAQ's 

How to I stop my recurring membership dues? 

All members are required to notify your coach by email before the end of the month (the 27th of the current month) to stop any recurring payments for the following month. Please note: if proper notification does not occur, refund/household credit for that upcoming month will not be available. No exceptions.


Can my membership dues be prorated? 

Short answer is no. Unfortunately, there are too many diver for us to be able to be shifting cost around. The monthly dues will cover your diver until the end of that month - it is up to you all to attend as many available practices as you can. We cannot and will not change fees based on attendance or "after the month".


Meets FAQ's 


How Often Do We Attend Meets?

MLA is a competitive diving program.  We require all of our divers to participate in ALL home meets and a minimum of 2 away meets (without including state meets, regionals, zones and nationals).  We do so because it gives your coach an opportunity to observe skill development and mental preparation. All of that aside, they are really fun! If your diver is shy's away from competition, let your coach know so we can help develop those skills necessary for them to feel comfortable and dive the best!  Meets are typically scheduled once per month (not bad huh!) In the event of an MLA hosted event at the HCAC, all families are expected to volunteer regardless if your diver is attending.  


We have to attend meets to volunteer?

Yes.  Hosting meets is the major fundraiser for our team.  Clubs that are not fortunate enough to host their own meets must fundraise extensively to afford quality coaching at every level.  Regardless if your athlete is attending the MLA hosted meet or not, your family is expected to volunteer at "home" meets.  If the meet is a two day (four sessions) meet, your family is expected to volunteer at least two (2) shifts during the meet.  If the meet is longer, a minimum of three (3) sessions is expected from your family.  You will see, many families volunteer far more than the minimums.  

Failure to volunteer at a hosted meet will result in a $50 fine billed to your family account unless approved with the coaching staff prior to the meet start. This will help cover the cost of hiring staff to help put the event together.

It is important for you to know that MLA does not want to create such strict rules regarding volunteering for the program.  We WANT you to WANT to be involved in your divers sport.  If you would rather pay the fee, we thank you for your financial support. However, we pride ourselves in running the finest meets in one of the finest facilities in the country, we only do so with the great help of our MLA families.  


How do I register and pay for meets? 

To register for a meet you will login with your account, and follow the meet schedule subtab under the Diving tab located above. Once there, look for your event and click "edit commitment". Our coaching staff will then notify you regarding the events your diver will be competing in. 

Our team will be then invoicing your registered account for the cost of events plus a facility surcharge. 

Note: This process may vary depending on the meet we are registering for. USA Diving meets such as: Regionals, Zones and Nationals have a different registration process. 

All divers participating on a meet will be subject to a FACILITY SURCHARGE. This cost is additional to your entry fee. The charge is directly used to pay for coaches transportation, hotel  and other meet expenses at the event. This charge may vary depending on the meet.


Other Common Questions