What is SwimAmerica and how do the levels work?

SwimAmerica is a group lesson curriculum that focuses on specific skills in each level designed to build on each other. The result is a flexible program that allows your swimmer to progress at their own pace opposed to waiting a full session to advance to the next level.

I have a credit on my account, how do I use it?

The credit is attached to your Rochester Swim Club account, when you get to the checkout portion of the registration system you can then apply that credit - which should show up prior to putting payment information in.

Does my child’s age affect which level to register them in?

Our program offers lessons for children 3-12 years old. We REQUIRE potty training before they begin lessons. Beyond that consideration we can accommodate the range of ages in each level - we place them by skill.

What skills are in the levels? We have a complete list of skills for each level HERE.

How will I know when my child is ready to move up a level?

We will communicate to the swimmer the night that they master every skill in their level and are ready to move up. The next lesson we will remind and direct them to the next level!  We distribute progress reports at the end of each session, which documents their progress and current goals.

My child missed or will be missing a lesson is there a make-up lesson?

If your child misses any lessons due to illness, vacation, other commitments, etc. we do not offer make-up lessons. Do the size of our programs we can not allow extra swimmers in any classes for safety reasons.  

What is your swimmer to instructor ratio?

We maintain a low ratio to ensure safety and quality in our program. Our ratios are no more than 5:1 swimmer to instructors and are more frequently far less than that, especially with our lower swim levels.

Who are your instructors?

The majority of our instructors are Rochester Swim Club swimmers! They work hard to balance their own practices, school work, and our lessons so they can be a part of the new generations of swimmers in our community.  We also have a handful of adults that were previous swimmers and have a ray of swimming knowledge.

This sounds great! - How do I register?

All information is done online and available through our website at www.rochesterswimclub.com. If you have any registration questions or issues please email: [email protected]

Rochester Swim Club (RSC) cancelled swim lessons, is there a make-up lesson that is offered?

We do our best to offer a make-up lesson during the session in which the lesson was canceled, however this is not a guarantee. In some cases we may offer an in-house credit if multiple lessons have been cancelled, however again this is not a guarantee.  

Do you have a refund policy?

All registrations are final.  No refunds will be issued. In the case of a medical emergency, we will review a credit for the affected lessons.  All requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis.  We will do our best to accommodate any scheduling changes as we can, however there are no guarantees.

How are weather or facility cancellations communicated?

We use Rainoutline.com, be sure to search for Rochester Swim Club! It is an app, a website, and a phone number that offers real time updates on the status of our scheduled activities. Our group lessons option is #5. Be sure to select notifications on the app or website to get alerts sent to your phone or email.

When should I register my swimmer for the next session and for what level?

We recommend registering as soon as you are sure of your preferred time slot. Register your swimmer for the current level and we will track their progression to adjust on our side of things. Please do not wait until the end of the session to register for the next, as many of our offered times fill quickly!

What is your locker room policy?

All persons must use the Rec Center locker rooms for changing, etc.  There are showers available in both locker rooms.  Children ages 5 and older need to use appropriate locker rooms.  There is no deck changing (changing into or out of a swimsuit on deck) allowed.  NO FAMILY LOCKER ROOMS ARE AVAILABLE

The locker rooms are shared with the swim team, divers and others. Please be respectful of everyone and do not leave anything in the locker rooms. You are responsible for any items you bring into the facility.

Due to the shared locker rooms, there may be times the locker rooms will NOT be available for lessons to use due to events taking place in the large pool. All registrants will be notified prior to those closures if that should take place. In those instances, you will need to towel dry your swimmer and put warm clothes over their suits when you leave the building.

What happens when my swimmer completes Level 6?

We have a few different options for you:

#1 - Prep Squad Swim Team would be the recommended next step but is not mandatory. Prep Squad is a transitional group that helps swimmers bridge from lessons to the RSC Swim Club.  Swimmers are encouraged to attend at least 2 practices a week and is offered Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Swimmers will learn more advanced stroke work as well as important skills and drills to be successful swim team swimmers.

Some focal points of Prep Squad practice:

  • Introduces lane etiquette (circle swimming, lining up, how to pass)
  • Establishes positive habits (streamline breakouts w/fish kicks, legal finishes)
  • Further develops Breaststroke and Butterfly
  • Conditions freestyle and backstroke for workout level distances
  • Teaches drills, sculling, flip turns (front and back), open turns
  • Leg strengthening through fin kicking

Swimmers will enter this group with knowledge of all four strokes and will leave the group ready to be a member of either the RSC USA Swim Team or the RSC House League!  Practices 45 minutes long and the session is typically 6 weeks.

#2 - RSC House League is an AAU swim team that features registration and commitment by session. There is a mini meet during each session that parents volunteer.  We do offer the opportunity to attend other local AAU meets and you are welcome to upgrade to USAS registration to attend larger meets if desired. Each swimmer receives a T-shirt and a swim cap that is included in your fees!  There are 2 groups in House League, and are divided by grade - 6th grade and under (1 hour 10 minute practices) or 7th grade and up (1 hour 20 minute practices) and both practice Monday-Thursday. The price is the same for both groups at $37.50 per week (subject to change)! The length of the session will determine the total registration cost.

#3 - USA Swim Team and has many groups on our competitive team side, which are broken up by age and ability. This team features annual commitment and multiple competitions each season. The full season is September - August (with stroke work and maintenance offered in March/August).

The registration fee covers all year (Sep-Aug) and includes the maintenance months (Mar/Aug), team suit, T-shirt, and cap! There is an option between an annual payment or monthly payments. The practice lengths and schedule vary based on the group your swimmer is in.

#4 - Rochester Diving Team offers both beginning and advanced training in diving.  Registration is monthly with practices 2-3 times per week, depending on the level of diver.  It is possible to be on the RSC Swim Team or House League and Dive!!