Prep Squad is a transitional (non-competitive) group that helps swimmers bridge from SwimAmerica swim lessons to the RSC swim team. In this group swimmers are encouraged to attend at least two (2) practices each week. Swimmers will learn more advanced stroke work and important skills and drills to be successful swim team swimmers. It is recommended all swimmers participate in Prep Squad for a maximum of two (2) sessions prior to joining the Rochester Swim Club team.

Focal points of practices:

  • Introduces lane etiquette (circle swimming, lining up, how to pass)
  • Establishes positive habits (streamline breakouts with fish kicks, legal finishes)
  • Further develops Breaststroke and Butterfly
  • Conditions freestyle and backstroke for workout level distances
  • Teaches drills, sculling, flip turns (front and back), open turns
  • Leg strengthening through fin kicking

Swimmers will enter this group with knowledge of all four strokes and will leave ready to join the Rochester Swim Club USA Swim Team or the House League.

You are eligible for Prep Squad if:

  1. You've graduated from our SwimAmerica swim lessons program within the last year
  2. Through private lessons, you've accomplished criteria from levels 1-6 within the last year
  3. You've arranged an evaluation with a Site Supervisor and been given the recommendation for Prep Squad

For current session and practice information - CLICK HERE