NYS Team Policies
Responsibilities of the Coaching Staff
  1. To operate all programs and activities and abide by all the rules and regulations of United States Swimming.
  2. To provide all members with a quality program.
  3. To take interest in both athletic and academic areas of all our swimmers.

  4. Ensure that each individual is treated fair and equally while providing opportunity for participants to excel.

  5. To represent the New York Sharks in a manner which is conducive with a competitive USA Swimming Program.

  6. Develop team leadership and keep a constant communication line open to all participants. 

Responsibilities of the Parents
  1. Support and encourage your children in their academic and athletic endeavors. 

  2. Please keep informed of team activities by checking the bulletin board at the end of each practice session and read the monthly newsletter.

  3. Parents will not be allowed on deck or in the pool area during practices. There are no exceptions to this rule as this is a USA Swimming Regulation. There will be absolutely no exceptions to this rule. Coaches are available after or before practices for conferences. Please abide by this rule. You will be asked to leave the pool if this occurs and if you continue to come on deck you will be asked to leave the team.

  4. There will be no recruitment of any kind. Parents/Swimmers are not allowed to recruit kids from other teams. Please speak to your children about this as the coaches will speak to your children as well. Please review our Illegal Recruiting Informational Form.

  5. All Conferences will be cleared through Head Coach Melissa Kubik. 

  6. Parents must be ready to pick up swimmers 10 Minutes after the scheduled end of practice. Coaches will wait 15 minutes after practice end to ensure all children are safe and have a ride home. If an emergency arises please call Head Coach Melissa Kubik for Goshen, or Chris Mance for OC East.

  7. Parents are responsible to ensure that their children have all necessary equipment for practice and meets. Team suits, warm-ups, swimming caps, and goggles etc. are parents/swimmers responsibility to purchase.

Responsibilities of the Swimmers
  1. To abide and obey all of the New York Sharks Rules and Regulations.
  2. To cooperate and listen to coaches
  3. Attendance at team functions
  4. Punctuality (Show up on time for practice, meets, team events and functions).
  5. Promote team spirit and have a positive attitude.
  6. A willingness to work hard and improve
  7. Keep an open line of communication with coaches and parents