Swim Meet Volunteer Info
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The volunteering requirements for the New York Sharks can be fulfilled throughout each season. NYS Hosts six to seven swim meets per year (From October through July). Each meet is typically a two-day event with morning, afternoon, and late afternoon sessions. Each family is expected to send at least 1 adult representative whenever their child is swimming in a session of a NYS Team Hosted meet. 

Each family will sign up to work at NYS meets through their account on the NYS website and choose which jobs and sessions to work. Job sign-up will open to members 2 weeks prior to the start of the meet. Families who do not sign up via the website will not earn credit for their hours. This is not considered part of fundraising.

Our team has the ability to keep track of each families volunteer hours. Each family will be required to volunteer  hours during short course season (October through April), and  hours during the long course season (April through July). Hours are based on training group level (Please see registration packet). Charges for uncompleted hours will be invoiced April 1 for Short Course, and July 1 for Long Course at charge of $25.00 per hour will be charged.

Please see HOME PAGE under upcoming events for Volunteer Job Sign ups.  

Volunteer hours are as follows:


SC Obligation


LC Obligation 


Bronze 5 5
Silver 10 5
Gold 15 10
Senior 20 10