SwimMAC Communication

Great communication between athletes, parents, and coaches is one key to a successful experience in the SwimMAC program. SwimMAC lead coaches work to communicate all the information you need for you and your swimmer to be in the know, have a good experience, and be excited about our program and all the opportunities we offer.  There are several critical paths that coaches can communicate with you, aside from direct communications and interactions:

  • You will receive weekly emails from your child’s lead coach that are your primary source of information. Please read them carefully. 
  • You will also receive team emails to help keep you informed on SwimMAC opportunities and items of interest.  These are often from the head coach and contain program wide information.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the “Parent Resources” tab on this site. It contains a wealth of information. SwimMAC also has an active presence on Twitter (@swimmacc), Facebook, Instagram (swimmac_1977), and YouTube.

We encourage you to communicate with your coach.  It is important that parents ask questions and engage in the process to support their swimmer by developing a healthy relationship with their swimmer’s lead coach. This starts with communication.  When you have a specific question or concern regarding your swimmer, please email your swimmer’s lead coach directly. Most questions are answered quickly at this level.  If you need additional help, please reach out to the appropriate Division Lead.  If you feel that your question has not been answered satisfactorily, you may consult the leadership coach at your site.   Staff roles and email addresses are listed below and on the website, and you may look for a response within 24 hours of reaching out with either a direct answer or with a time to meet for further discussion.  

You may have the personal phone number of your child’s coach.  Reaching out using text should only be used when immediate solutions are required, such as time sensitive meet communication like a late warmup arrival, injury preventing participation, etc.  If you need to set up a meeting with your coach, please set up a time for a face to face meeting rather than discuss the concerns by text or phone call.



Lead Coaching Position

Email Address

Ariel Hopper

North Shark 3 Lead, North Dolphin 2 Lead

[email protected]

Sean Ford

North Marlin Division Lead, Marlin 1 and HFFA Marlin 2 Lead

[email protected]

Ben Keast

High Performance Assistant

[email protected]

Kim DeCann

Competitive Team Manager, North Senior 3 Lead

[email protected]

Kevin Thornton

South Senior 2 Lead

[email protected]

Frank Totten

South Dolphin 3 and Shark 3 Lead

[email protected]

Luke Frederick

South Dolphin 2 and Shark 2 Lead

[email protected]

Russ Kasl

South Shark and Dolphin Division Lead, Shark 1 and Dolphin 1 Lead

[email protected]

Steve Robling South Senior 3 & Marlin 3 Lead

[email protected]

Randy Erlenbach

Head Site Coach, South Senior 1 Lead

[email protected]
Julio Zarate

Head Site Coach, North Senior Division Lead & Senior 1 Lead Coach

[email protected]
Chuck Batchelor

Head Coach, High Performance Lead

[email protected]