Summer League Swimming for SwimMAC members: Be a Leader and Have Fun!

At SwimMAC, we understand that summer league swimming is a fun and exciting experience, and we encourage and support your involvement. We want all SwimMAC athletes and parents to be role models for their summer league peers and to exhibit great leadership and contribution throughout the summer league season. You represent SwimMAC - and you showcase to our community the skills and abilities you’ve gained with our Club! This is your opportunity to give back to your neighborhood community and to show everyone how awesome SwimMAC is!  So, how do you balance your child’s SwimMAC commitment with a summer league team?  The answer for each family depends on your child’s age and level of expertise.  Our recommendations are laid out below by division.

MARLIN Division:  Swimmers are highly encouraged to participate with their summer league teams.  This is a great opportunity for them to realize the advances and improvement they have made throughout the year as well as build confidence and become leaders. Although we want them to have the full summer league experience, we also want to continue to make progress in the sport, particularly in the long course format which is only offered through SwimMAC.  Please prioritize SwimMAC practices over Summer League practices.  Go to summer league practices as frequently as you want, play in the pool all day, and enjoy those mid-week swim meets with your neighborhood team!

DOLPHIN Division:  Swimmers are still encouraged to participate with their summer league teams.  At this level, the contrast grows between those who have developed with SwimMAC and those without that benefit, so all eyes are on you.  Know that the 8&Unders and 10&Unders are looking up to you. Be mindful of this - be humble and kind and lift others up at your summer league meets.  If you’d like attend your summer league practices, we welcome your representation, but not as a replacement for MAC practices.  We definitely do not want to stall progress during the Long Course season as this is your pathway to advanced Senior level swimming. 

SHARK Division: Swimmers are encouraged to attend summer league meets and social events while maintaining a high level of training with SwimMAC.  At this point, summer league practices can be fun but unnecessary.  We’d prefer you mentor the younger kids on your summer team at their practices, model your skills, and assist the coaches to help give the kids who are new to swimming a great summer experience.  If you choose to swim at summer league meets, make sure you are also helping the little kids get where they need to be and celebrating their efforts.  

SENIOR Division:  Participation or coaching with their summer league teams will vary in the Senior division based on the swimmer’s SwimMAC commitment and goals.  Participation should align with specific group expectations and should reflect the level of performance they are working towards.  Swimmers should treat the summer Long Course season as an invaluable training and competition phase that will elevate their upcoming year and set them up for their future in college swimming.  Senior swimmers should protect their summer from any interruptions to training or focus until after their championship meet.