Registration/Billing Policies & FAQ:
These policies apply only to age group swimming and water polo teams.

Age Group Swimming Trimesters:

  • Trimester 1: August 30 to December 31
  • Trimester 2: January 1 to April 30
  • Trimester 3: May 1 to July 31

Age Group Water Polo Quarters:

  • Fall: August/September/October
  • Winter: November/December/January
  • Spring: February/March/April
  • Summer: May/June/July

Billing & Payments:

Annual Registration Fees:

Family & Dual-Sport Discounts:

Service Hours:

Auto-Pay & Withdrawing from the Program:

For questions on any of the policies listed here, or for anything not listed, please contact our Jenny Smith, Controller at: [email protected]

Billing & Payments:

How often do I need to pay my program dues?

  • Program dues for swim team are invoiced on a monthly basis for all credit card payments. For families paying by check, full trimester fees must be submitted upon registration.
  • Program dues for youth water polo are collected on a quarterly basis at the time of registration.

What kinds of payment do you accept?

  • We accept payments by check or credit card (Visa, MC, Discover).  All check payments must be for the full price of the trimester/quarter.

Can program dues be prorated?

  • No, we do not prorate dues. The only exception is if you join midway through a swimming trimester you will only be responsible for the monthly dues for the current month and any remaining months in the trimester. Similarly, if you join after the halfway point of the water polo quarter or later you are only required to pay half the quarterly rate.

If I only want to participate in the first half of a session, is that possible?

  • No. Once you have registered for a session (trimester or quarter) you have committed to the program for the remainder of that session.

When are dues for the next quarter due?

  • Accounts with auto pay credit cards will be charged monthly on the first of every month for Swim Team.  Check payments are for full payment only and are due before the 10th of the first month of the session.  Water polo participants must re-register and pay dues in full at the beginning of each session.

What happens if I don’t pay my dues?

  • We send out a payment reminder on the fifth of the month for any recurring charges not yet paid. If payment is not received by the 10th, a late fee of $20 is assessed.  If payment is still not made by the end of the first month, the program participant(s) is/are held out of the program(s) until the balance is paid. There is also a returned check fee of $15 in additional to the late fee.

Are there any additional penalties for recurring late payments?

  • If fees consistently late and payments are made by check, you may be asked to place a credit card on file.

Annual Registration Fees:

Which participants are required to pay a registration fee?

  • All age group swimmers are required to pay an annual registration fee ($210). The annual BAC fee will be prorated for those members joining after T1.  In addition, age group swimmers must separately register and maintain an active membership with USA Swimming, which charges their own fee. Age group water polo players are not assessed any BAC registration fee but must register with USA Water Polo (minimum Bronze membership), which also charges a fee.

What is the annual registration fee for?

  • The annual fee of $210 goes toward team and racing gear.

When is the annual registration fee assessed?

  • For returning BAC swimmers, the annual fees are assessed during the August annual registration period, or at the time of their return to the program.  For new swimmers, the full annual fee is assessed at the time of registration. For new/transfer swimmers that are already current with Pacific Swimming but need to change their club affiliation to BAC, only the $200 BAC registration fee will be required, and the $84 paid for Pac Swim will be credited back to your account once we confirm the athlete has been transferred to BAC's USA Swimming roster. Please notify the Registrar at [email protected] to have the Pac Swim fee reversed.

I joined the team in July and paid the annual registration fee at that time. Why do I have to pay the full fee again?

  • The fee is aligned with the Pacific Swimming membership schedule, which is based on the calendar year. Therefore, athletes registering prior to the start of the first trimester (which begins in August) will be assessed the registration fee again at the beginning of the following season, which concludes the next calendar year.

Family & Dual-Sport Discounts:

Does BAC offer discounts to families with more than one athlete in a program?

  • Yes, we do. If a family has more than one athlete in the same program (swimming only or water polo only) the oldest child pays full dues and all other children receive a 15% discount.

Does BAC offer discounts to families with more than one athlete participating in the club?

  • No, we do not. The only current discounts are for children registered in the same program.

Does BAC offer discounts to athletes who participate in both swimming and water polo?

  • Yes. Any age group athlete signed up for both swimming and water polo are eligible to receive a 15% discount for each program. 

PLEASE NOTE: There is a maximum discount of 15% per athlete, per program.

How do I get my discounts applied?

  • Some discounts will be applied automatically by the registration system if athletes are registered for the same program at the same time. If your discounts are not automatically applied, please contact us at [email protected]

What do I do if my practice times for swimming and water polo overlap?

  • We make every effort to schedule practices for both programs so that the most common group training times do not conflict. In the event that they do conflict, please contact our accounting/registration team and we will determine whether an adjustment is in order.

Team Support Hours:

Which families are required to fulfill the service hour requirement?

  • All families with at least one participant in the age group swimming program have a team support hour requirement.

What is the team support requirement?

  • Families with only Barracuda 1/2/3 or Age Group 1 participation are required to serve at least 21 hours per swimming year (August – July), or 7 hours per trimester. For all other groups, the service requirement is 30 hours per swimming year, or 10 hours per trimester. 

If my family does not complete its team support hour requirement, what happens?

  • Families that do not complete their service hour requirement by the end of July (or upon withdrawal from the swim team) are billed $25/hour for all unfulfilled hours.

How do I know how many hours I have worked toward my team support hour requirement?

  • You can login to your Team Unify account and check your team support hour record by going to My Account --> My Invoices/Payments --> Service Hours. If you feel there is an error in your record, contact our service hours coordinator at: [email protected]

When are families billed for unfulfilled team support hours?

  • We bill at the end of the season in mid-August.  If you withdraw from the Swim Team prior to the end of the season, all unfulfilled hours will be billed at the time of withdrawal. 

What happens if I don’t pay for my unfulfilled Service Hours?

  • Swimmers with outstanding balances that are unpaid after August 31 will not be able to register for any BAC programs until the amount is paid in full. 

Auto-Pay & Withdrawing from the Program:

How do I sign up for Autopay on my credit card or change the credit card that I have associated with my account?

  • Log in to your Team Unify account, and under "My Account" click on the "Set Up Autopay" and update your information. Please contact our Controller, Jenny Smith, at [email protected] if you have any questions about this process.

How do I withdraw from the program?

  • Participants wishing to withdraw from the program must submit a program withdrawal form no later than the 25th of the final month of the trimester to be withdrawn with no fee.  Withdrawals will not be processed until the end of the trimester and no refunds or prorating are given for early withdrawal from a trimester.
  • Please note that if you indicated that you are not returning to the team, your outstanding hours will be billed back on the day your membership is suspended at the current rate ($25 per hour).  If you plan to return to the team, your hours will be prorated for any trimester(s) missed in full, and you can still fulfill them upon your return. Any unfulfilled hours will be billed back at $25 per hour at the end of the season.

What happens if I submit my withdrawal form after the 25th of the final month of the trimester?

  • Any withdrawal requests for athletes signed up with the auto-payment platform will be assessed a $10 fee for submitting withdrawal requests after the 25th. This fee covers all card processing fees.

Where is the withdrawal form and to whom do I submit the form?

When is withdrawal permitted once the quarter is underway?

  • For new BAC swimmers, including water polo and age group swimming, withdrawal (in the swimmer’s 1st trimester only) is allowed up to the end of the second week of the trimester. For age group swimmers, program fees will be refunded less the  annual registration fee and Pacific Swimming membership fee. For water polo players, program fees will be refunded less $50.
  • For returning BAC athletes (any athlete who has done at least one session prior to the current trimester, not necessarily the trimester immediately prior) who request a withdrawal will have their withdrawal effective the end of the trimester.  No refunds are given are early withdrawal.