Welcome to Ensworth Aquatics!  We are a year-round, USA Swimming competitive swimming team. Our Competitive Team serves children from 7 years old and up. Our coaching staff believes in fun work, hard work, and teamwork, creating a foundation of skills in our younger swimmers while adding progressively more challenging work as they move through our program. 

Founded in March 2016, our USA Swimming Silver Medal team has already won three Southeastern Swimming Championship Titles; developed State and National record holders; had athletes place in the top 10 nationally for their age; qualified athletes for U.S. Junior Nationals, the U.S. Open, and the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials.

At this time, many of our groups are at capacity as we maintain restricted numbers of swimmers per training group to ensure compliance with the facility, local, and USA Swimming guidelines. Please contact Cissy Fleet for information regarding available space and the evaluation process. 

Anyone interested in joining our Competitive Team must first sign up for a placement trial by contacting our Team Administrator.  You will receive a confirmation with an online form to complete. Evaluations will be conducted by an Ensworth Aquatics coach. Please have your swimmer prepared to swim with goggles and a swim cap.

Placement trials will run through August 18, 2022, and additional placement trials may be added as needed. Some athletes may be invited to attend a practice in lieu of a Placement Trial.  All prospective swimmers will be evaluated based on their age, current skill level, and whether the coaches determine they would fit well within our existing groups.   

Please feel free to contact Cissy Fleet, Team Administrator, with any additional questions.  





Annual Registration: $125 for Ensworth Aquatics plus USAS Registration
1st swimmer is $125, 2nd swimmer is $100, 3rd swimmer is $75

This fee includes the annual USA Swimming and Southeastern Swimming registrations, one latex cap, and an Ensworth Aquatics T-Shirt.

Monthly Training Fees
Monthly dues will be billed September through July. 


Practice Groups Monthly Dues
Stingrays $130.13
Dolphins $154.03
Sharks $179.54
Swordfish $143.00
Junior $191.91
Marlins $156.27
Senior 1 $201.94
Senior $214.18
Training Fees will increase annually to keep up with inflation.


Ensworth Aquatics offers 25% sibling discounts




The current practice schedule is posted on our website and can be viewed HERE. We encourage all members to bookmark our Live Practice Schedule and send it to your mobile device home screen for quick access. The Live Schedule is where we update changes to the schedule due to competitions, Ensworth School events, and holidays. 




Each training group requires certain equipment to be brought to practice every day.  All equipment can be purchased through All American Swim, 5006 Thoroughbred Lane, Suite A5, Brentwood TN 37027, 615-309-7636.  Or visit our online store. Additional Team Gear information can be found under the Competitive Team menu. Swimmers are expected to manage their belongings and to label their equipment with a sharpie. Mesh equipment bags can be purchased through Agonswim. Practice group equipment requirements are noted below:


Required Equipment


Goggles, Cap, Athletic Shoes, and Speedo Trialon Fins  


Goggles, Cap, Athletic Shoes, Speedo Trialon Fins, and Snorkel


Goggles, Cap, Athletic Shoes, Speedo Trialon Fins


Goggles, Cap, Athletic Shoes, Speedo Trialon Fins, Pull Buoy, Snorkel, and Paddles


Goggles, Caps, Athletic Shoes, DMC Short Fins, Pull Buoy, Snorkel, and Paddles 


Goggles, Caps, Athletic Shoes, DMC Short Fins, Pull Buoy, Snorkel, and Paddles 


Goggles, Caps, Athletic Shoes, DMC Short Fins, Pull Buoy, Snorkel, and Paddles 





Ensworth Aquatics is a competitive swimming team.  Our expectation is that athletes will compete in meets as an opportunity to measure their progress and to allow coaches to observe what skills need to be worked on in upcoming practices.  Every Ensworth Aquatics team member is expected to compete in all of our home meets. Athletes in most groups are highly encouraged to participate in away meets, while Senior athletes are expected to participate in all scheduled meets.  The meet schedule for the fall will soon be published on our website. Please be sure to plan ahead, support your child, and be ready to watch them race!





All Ensworth Aquatics families are expected to fulfill team obligations for home swim meets.  Unlike most USA Swimming Teams, Ensworth Aquatics does not have a mandatory volunteer requirement and does not currently assess a financial penalty for failure to complete team support obligations. 

We can only continue our current practice of not requiring volunteer hours if all families are involved.  Many teams charge fees for unfulfilled support hours. We don’t view this practice as promoting volunteerism and therefore don’t have such a policy.

Ensworth Aquatics cannot host meets without parents’ help, and we cannot continually rely on the same selfless parents to fill roles at our home meets.  Every single family involved with the Ensworth Aquatics competitive team is expected to support our home meets. We are always in need of individuals who will take the extra step to become trained computer table workers or become USA Swimming Certified Officials.  Please consider how you might be able to support the team to enhance your child's swimming!

Other volunteer opportunities exist apart from meets.  Those interested will be directed to Cissy Fleet.