Ensworth Natatorium Inclement Weather Policies

Aquatic Staff will monitor broadcast networks (internet, radio, or television) for weather alerts.  Aquatic Staff will clear the pool(s) and/or the deck area following National Weather Service issuance of either a Severe Thunderstorm Warning or a Tornado Warning.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning

In the event of a Severe Thunderstorm Warning, Aquatic Staff will clear the pools.  Coaches will take swimmers to the underside of the balcony on the South side of the pool (underneath the bleachers).  
Swimmers will be permitted to return to the pool once the Severe Thunderstorm Warning has expired.


Tornado Warning

In the event of a Tornado Warning, Aquatic Staff will clear the pools and make an announcement over the intercom system.   All swimmers and spectators will leave the pool deck and balcony areas and take shelter in the tunnel adjacent to the football field.  The tunnel is accessible only from the main Natatorium entrance on the east side of the building, adjacent to the parking lot. Swimmers and spectators will be permitted to return to the pool deck/balcony once the Tornado Warning has expired.


Rain, Snow, or Ice

The Aquatics staff defers to parents as to whether you can get your swimmer to the pool for practice during inclement weather, so use your best judgment.  Any weather-related change to facility closure is dictated by Ensworth School. In the event that the Ensworth Natatorium is closed, we will do our best to notify you via email in a timely manner. Please understand that sometimes these are last-minute decisions, which may result in the facility closing minutes before or even during practice.