Our Mission Statement:

"The mission of the Vacaville Swim Club is to develop a safe community-based program where swimmers of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to fulfill their potential as athletes through the highest levels of our sport. We emphasize the core values of integrity, sportsmanship, respect and character along with a healthy lifestyle through the sport of competitive swimming. Each participant and family in our program is valued as an integral part in creating a safe environment of excellence in achievement and personal growth."


Our Vision Statement:

Vacaville Swim Club is a USA Swimming year-round competitive swim team offering high-quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. The goal of our team is to provide every member an opportunity to improve swimming and life skills and achieve success at his or her level of ability, from novice to elite level
All of the VSC Coaches as members of the USA Swimming and USA Masters, have access to the most comprehensive training and certification program for youth coaches of any sport in the United States. They provide assurances that the time spent swimming will be quality time.  We are constantly growing and training swimmers to maintain a well-rounded competitive Age Groups and Masters Swim Team. Thank you for joining us. We are looking forward to meeting you.
Please call (707)724-1000 for additional information and/or if you would like to schedule a try out for our age group side of the team.

Strategic Objectives

Our Vision will be attained by the fulfilment of our strategic objectives.

1. To develop partnerships that strengthen the value of the swimming brand and grow our team sport locally.

2. To ensure access to adequate water space for the sport of swimming.

3. To develop the training opportunities and pathways to enable swimmers to reach their potential

4. To deliver competition opportunities to our members at the highest levels obtainable.

5. To provide opportunities for our volunteers and coaches to develop their skills

6. To provide a safe, inclusive and respectful environment for all members.

7. To provide leadership for swimming through effective governance and management.