SOLO Mini Meet (Friday) May 31st

SOLO Aquatics

The next SOLO Mini Meets will both be held on the last Fridays of the month.

Swimmers in the Dynamos and above will all warm up at 4:00.

The events will begin about 4:20-5:00, parents are needed here to make this work please.


Age Group will end at 5:00, while older swimmers will finish at their regular practice time.


Racers will warm up at 5:00 and start events @5:10-5:30 (parents needed here).


These are designed to help swimmers and coaches see the swimmers improvements and needs!

Without taking the time out of the weekend, or the 4-6 total hours that a regular meet takes.

The goal is long term enjoyment and growth in swimming, and to avoid burn out.


Official Meet for all swimmers coming this summer in July!


In general swimmers who wish to do official USA Swimming Meets.

Schedule a goal meeting with Coach Tom.

Then sign up for races, usually a couple times a year.

We will finish this summer with a meet, and have a meet in the fall (October).