Dues & Fees

Below we explain our dues and fees associated with our year-round swim program. Please review the year round swim program policies following the dues and fees table carefully (updated August 24, 2023).

USA Swimming Registration Fee ($89 Annual)

To be a member of SOLO Aquatics, every swimmer must be a USA Swimming registered swimmer. This covers the swimmer with liability insurance while at practice, organized events and swim meets. USA Swim fees cannot be prorated or refunded. NEW System for registration will be available Sept 1, 2023.


Not yet planned at this time. SOLO is a 501C3 non-profit organization and works to support USA Swimming Fundraising.

Multi-Swimmer Family Discounts

We understand the burden experienced by families with multiple swimmers. To help accommodate them we offer discounts for every additional swimmer. Discounts are applied starting the 2nd month via the Autopay system:5% discount for 2nd swimmer, 10% discount for 3rd swimmer and 15% for 4th swimmer. If there are varying program costs, this discount will apply to the less expensive program.

Year-Round Swim Team Dues

** Families may pay monthly or annually (at @5% discounted rate). All groups also have a online registration annual $95 USA Swim membership after 30 days. 



Swim Group

Monthly Fee

 Annual Fees 

Program Length









Sept - Nov


Age Group



Sept - July

Advanced Age Group



Sept - July




Sept - July




Sept - July

High School


Not Offered 

Nov - Jan

June - July




Year round program Dues and Fees Policy

SOLO is a year-round program with year-round commitments to our coaching staff. Program fees are structured as yearly dues divided into 11 monthly amounts for billing purposes. Refunds are made only in case of injury that prevents a swimmer from swimming.

SOLO families are making an annual financial commitment with their dues (swimming year from Sept 1st to July 31st with the exception of Racers, Dynamos, and High School swimmers). In order to maintain our club's operations, we expect that SOLO families continue to pay their dues on a monthly basis in order to maintain their position on our team. We do recognize, however, that there are circumstances under which SOLO swimmers might need to withdraw from the team for a specified time period or to start later in the year. The list below outlines our approach to each of these circumstances:

  • Swimmers/families who wish to withdraw from the club for a period of one month or less will be required to pay their full monthly dues.
  • Swimmers/families who wish to withdraw from the club for a period between 2 and 3 months will be expected to notify SOLO registrations 30 days in advance of withdrawing and set a return date. If less than 30 days notice there will be an early termination fee of $50 charged to the swimmers account. Swimmers/families must be in good financial standing before their return full-time to their training group.
  • Late-start swimmers may join during the year, as space is available in their specified swim group.
  • Swimmers who wish to withdraw from the team entirely may withdraw with 30 days notice. If less than 30 days notice there will be an early termination fee of $50 charged to the account.

Payments:Dues are payable the 1st of each month. Families are electronically invoiced on the 21st of month prior to the month dues are payable. The only method of payment is by ACH (automated checking account withdrawal) or credit card, set up automatically through our website. Unearned parent participation hours are billed August 21st each year. Families with outstanding dues will be sent a notice on the 16th of the month and a late fee of $25.00 will be assessed. If fees are not current by the 1st of the next month, swimmers will be suspended from practices until dues have been paid.

  • SOLO does not want swimmers to drop out of the team because their family is unable to meet all of their team fees. Accommodation may be possible and the SOLO Board of Directors considers such cases individually.