Year Round Program

All swimmers are evaluated and placed in groups according to skill level, age, practice performance, attitude and space availability in the groups. Swimmers may be moved from one group to the next at the coach's discretion. The coaching staff must be consulted before a move can take place. Such talks need to take place when the coach is not coaching. Most group transfers take place at the start of each season; that is, either in September or after the short course season, which ends in April.
  If you are unsure what program to sign up for just contact Coach Tom at 650-851-9091 or by email.

SOLO provides most of the necessary practice equipment including: Hand paddles, pull buoys, kick boards, tubes, zoomers, and other dry land equipment. Swimmers may be asked to bring in personal training items such as fins, shoes and water bottles. Swimmers must provide their own suits, goggles, caps and towels. Team suits should be saved for meets and less expensive practice suit should be worn for workouts.

Swimming Groups

Each individual with the SOLO Swim Club has his or her own lifestyle and schedule. A commitment toward personal progress begins with you, and your practice plans need to meet your own goals. The following is a suggested amount of practice for a swimmer:

Developmental group for swimmers five years old and over who have had little or no experience on a swim club. Emphasis is on developing movement patterns that are controlled and efficient in Freestyle, Backstroke, and Butterfly Kick.
Suggested Commitment - As much as possible.

Novice group for swimmers seven years old and over who have had some experience with a swim club. Emphasis is on mastering basic stroke patterns involved with all four competitive strokes as well as the techniques involved with starts.
Suggested Commitment - As much as possible.

Practice section for young swimmers beginning competition in the 10/under group. This section is designed to introduce conditioning techniques while improving stroke and turn skills. Swimmers are encouraged to attend no more than four practices per week.
Suggested Commitment - Four practices maximum.

The Advanced Age Group is made up of swimmers mainly competing in the 11 years and over categories. Emphasis is placed on proper stroke technique, goal setting, and competition. This group allows athletes a chance for increased commitment in training.
Suggested Commitment - Five practices if possible.

Training group for junior high and high school swimmers, 13/over, who are interested in competition. Group stresses stroke technique, a dedication to training, and long range goal setting. This group is designed for the high school swimmer who is interested in added practice to prepare for high school competition. Swim practice in this group will qualify students for high school P. E. credit.
Suggested Commitment - Five practices if possible.

SENIOR (Plus High School in December/January) 
Group involved in an intensive training program geared for competition at the Junior and Senior National levels. A minimum of five practices per week are MANDATORY, as is a commitment to excellence in swimming.
Suggested Commitment - Five practices MANDATORY.