The Firefish Team is a year-round competitive swim team offering professional coaching and technique instruction for almost all ages and abilities. The team is a USA Swim team for children from ages 6 to 18 and a division of AquaSafe Swim Programs. 

The foundation of our program is teaching proper technique. Times tell how fast the swimmer is, technique tells how fast the swimmer should be. This is the primary focus in Bronze, our entry-level, and carried throughout all levels. 

Our mission is to develop successful competitive swimmers and to use swimming as a vehicle to develop character, teach life lessons, and create a life-long love of swimming. Programs have cultures that vary widely. Ours is designed to develop every swimmer, not just young superstars. No swimmer is just a number. We want swimmers to grow to their personal maximum potential whether it's to being a recreational swimmer, triathlete or go on to college swimming and Olympic trials.





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