What our families have to say: 

I cannot say enough positive things about Cape Cod Firefish. My son joined CCFF when he entered his freshman year of high school. He had been swimming competitively with a local YMCA for 6 years at that time and he was looking for a USA team and a higher level of competition. From the time he met Coach Ben, he knew he was going to love it. Ben focused on the technique of every stroke and my son improved dramatically over the last 4 years, to the point of qualifying for a national swim meet in Florida. CCFF is like one big family. The coaches genuinely have an interest in each swimmer and encourage them to do their best. Every swimmer is recognized for the unique individual they are, not simply the fastest. They incorporate a balance of challenging workouts with dryland as well as the occasional fun evening of water polo and other games. The swimmers work as a team with true comradery amongst each other. It was the best change we made.



Parent: Kudos to you and your team! I see my daughter enjoying swim more and more. Last week she told me that swimming was her favorite sport.



Swimmer: I've learned more here in the last 3 weeks than 5 years at my previous club.



Swimmer: In my junior year of high school, I decided to switch swim teams and join Cape Cod Firefish. I had been swimming on the same club team for close to ten years and I was losing motivation for continuing the sport I had loved since I was little. I was frustrated with my lack of progress and decided that I needed a fresh start. Firefish allowed me to have this fresh start. The coaches introduced a whole new perspective of the importance of technique. My first week there, my stroke had been completely changed, for the better. They gave advice that immediately made my stroke feel stronger and faster. The coaches were able to challenge me both mentally and physically which ultimately prepared me to swim at the collegiate level. The sense of community and family that I received from my teammates and coaches was something I had never experienced while being on a swim team. Everyone encouraged each other and was always willing to help one another. Even though I was on the team for a quick two seasons, the team made me feel apart of the Firefish family instantly. At each practice and meet the coaches would always promote the theme of the team to “Never Give In” which is the attitude I will always carry with me.   


Mom: When we moved to Sandwich 2 years ago and joined Firefish, A was starting to get burned out on swimming. We even talked about her possibly leaving the sport.  I thank Firefish for bringing back the “fire” in her. I believe it was due to the supportive and positive culture at Firefish - something we didn’t have at our previous swim club. She was also able to drop time (and break 3 high school records) after having a few years with no results. I’m sure this was due to the coach’s focus on technique. After a month of swimming with Firefish she came home one night and told me that she actually loved going to practice - something I hadn’t heard in a long time. As a mom, this meant the world to me. Thanks Firefish for being a positive experience for my daughter when she needed it the most! 


Swimmer:: Cape Cod Firefish is a team spirited and supportive community. Everyone works hard while still having fun in the water. Technique is one of the team’s main focuses. The coaches pay close attention to detail as they truly want everyone to succeed in their goals. I joined the team as a junior in high school after swimming for several years with a swim team in Oregon.  My technique was close to awful. In the two years that I was with Firefish, my technique completely changed for the better. This ultimately caused me to cut time in all my events. For an older swimmer that’s pretty impressive, but that’s thanks to the amazing coaches. 


Cape Cod Firefish came into my daughter H’s life just when we needed it most. H is a dedicated athlete who has been swimming since kindergarten and still loves the sport. She swam for another club, and when her group’s coach left the area, we decided it was a time for a change. Back then her technique was poor and was setting her up for injuries and her enthusiasm for swimming was waning. Then came her experience with the Firefish. Immediately upon joining they evaluated her strokes and commenced with retraining her to be more efficient in the water and reduce her chance of overuse injuries. Watching her at practice I almost did not recognize the smooth sleek swimmer in the water as my daughter. Not only that they encouraged her to work on strokes that she had been told she was not good at. This work helped improve her IM times significantly with her no longer following behind during the back and breaststrokes. Additionally, Firefish coaches totally supported H in her high school swimming. There was never a question of choosing one over the other. With the support of the coaches and team she has grown into a stronger swimmer and person. She has many friends on the team and they all support each other in swimming and life. Because of her time with the Cape Cod Firefish, H is prepared to swim for her college this fall with the skills and confidence she needs for success. 


We have had an amazing experience with Cape Cod Firefish, and we cannot say enough good things about the ownership, coaching staff and the culture of this swim team.  Our son C, age 17, is a dedicated hard-working athlete and has been swimming competitively since he was 6 years old. He has always loved the sport of swimming and from a very young age has had long-term goals of setting NE Swimming Age Group records, swimming at the Division 1 college level and making Olympic trial cuts. At age 14, he achieved the first of his goals in breaking two NE Swimming records and winning the high point award at the NE Age Group Championship Meet at Harvard University. 

Following this C began to have chronic shoulder injuries due to poor stroke technique and overuse.  At his prior swim club, he was swimming in excess of 50,000 yards weekly and not being coached on proper technique and proper stretching and strength conditioning. Due to his injuries he began to struggle at achieving his best times and performing to his potential.  This led to him becoming extremely frustrated, disappointed and no longer enjoying the sport that he once loved so much. C and our family decided that it was no longer healthy for him to continue swimming with his prior swim club and decided to take a break from competitive swimming.

We then thankfully met Coach Ben, Trish, and the rest of the Cape Cod Firefish staff and family.  It was like a breath of fresh air. Coach Ben talked with C and us and explained his philosophy and approach to competitive swimming.  He was also very compassionate and understanding of what our son had been through both physically and emotionally.  After evaluating his strokes and technique, they informed us that it was going to be a long difficult process to help correct his stroke technique and basically re-learn how to swim.  Both C and his coaches put in the hard work and after about 1 year, he had developed beautiful strokes and technique and combined with a great dry land/stretching program C has become injury free and a much more efficient swimmer.  

We as a family have developed many wonderful friendships with teammates, coaches and the Firefish family.  Cape Cod Firefish teaches their athletes much more than just competitive swimming. They truly care about each of their athletes.  The coaching staff and ownership are highly professional, organized, dedicated and caring. While their goal is to help each swimmer reach their potential and achieve their personal goals, they never lose sight of the athlete as a person and the importance of making the sport enjoyable.  In addition, they teach their athletes how to be good teammates and good citizens and give back to the community.  The club is very active in the community and participates in several charitable events. 

Thanks to Cape Cod Firefish, C has not only become a better and more efficient swimmer, but he has also become a better person.  Coach Ben and the entire Cape Cod Firefish coaching staff and family helped restore his passion and love for the sport of competitive swimming.  The team’s motto, “Never Give In”, is something these young athletes can remember and apply throughout their lives. We cannot thank them enough for all their help and support and for what they have done for our family! Cape Cod Firefish is an outstanding organization and we would highly recommend them for any youth and family that is looking to participate in USA Club level Swimming.


One of the happiest days of our daughter’s life was when she was invited to join the Firefish swim team.  To her, it meant all of her hard work in AquaSafe’s Swim Team Lite paid off.  Firefish, Coach Ben, and the other Firefish coaches are excellent.  The emphasis of the training is on perfecting technique and staying injury-free.  This team is not about the number of laps a swimmer does each week – this team is about getting each stroke right.  Except at the highest level, the schedule is flexible.  There are no requirements for meet participation, although swimmers are encouraged to participate.  A swimmer can attend practice on the days convenient for him/her.  That said, Coach Ben will advise the swimmer of the appropriate frequency and daily investment if the swimmer wants to improve.  Although swimmers practice as a team, coaches will take swimmers out of the group occasionally for individual attention.  Coach Ben has also made good use of technology to communicate with swimmers while in the pool.  The Firefish community is very welcoming.  Pre-Covid, parents were encouraged to stay for practice to watch.  The team also had an active booster club with fun social events.  That said, this team is about hard work.  Everyone is very dedicated.  Coach Ben is the first to recognize and acknowledge when a swimmer has improved in his/her event times. If a swimmer seeks help, he offers no-nonsense advice that reflects his expertise and many years of experience training top swimmers.  The Firefish team also recognizes the importance of giving back to the community.  Each year, the team partners with the Masters swimmers to raise money to help athletes in need.  Participants in this successful annual event range in age from youngest members on the team to those who have been swimming a lifetime.  The Firefish team values focus, discipline, respect, and kindness.  It has been the perfect team for our family.