Swim Lesson Programs

Infant & Toddler Lessons: Water Introduction
Tiny Tots, Tadpoles and Turtles

Description: These classes are an introduction to swimming! The goal is for students to feel comfortable with the sights, sounds and sensations of the pool. We use songs, games and play to teach your child beginning swim skills- be prepared to sing, dance and smile along while teaching your child to be safe and comfortable in the pool! By the end of these levels, students should be comfortable enough to submerge vertically & horizontally, blow bubbles, listen & follow instructions, and swim with adults other than their parents.

Tiny Tots & Tadpoles require an adult in the water with each child. In order to graduate to Turtles, students must be able to swim independently with a backpack and follow instructions in a group. Turtles must also be at least two years old.


The Turtle level uses the same explorative, experiential teaching style as the Tots and Tadpoles, but with a greater emphasis on independent movement. The Turtle class also has a smaller class ratio- only 4-5 students per class.

Ages:                         Class Ratios:

Tiny Tots:     4 months - 18 months        8-12 Students per Instructor
Tadpoles:     18 months - 2 years
         8-12 Students per Instructor
Turtles:      2 - 4 years             4-5 Students per Instructor

Beginner Lessons: Superfish

Description: The goal of Superfish is for our students to feel comfortable without backpack flotation! Students will learn breath control, how to float, and how to move themselves through the water. Students will also learn how to perform surface dives towards the bottom of the pool, how to jump into deep water, and how to return to the wall. Barbells and Noodles will be used as teaching tools to help students learn good techniques & optimal body position.



Typically 4-10 Years. Students younger than 4 must have either graduated from Turtles or must have prior approval to join the class from an AquaSafe staff member. Students will be placed with similarly aged classmates whenever possible.


Class Ratios:

3-5 Students per Instructor


Intermediate Lessons: Dolphin

Description: The goal of the Dolphin level is to learn how to cross a pool safely, confidently & consistently using a mixture of front & back styles. In order to enroll in a Dolphin class, students must be able to swim 15 feet unassisted, and must also be able to jump into deep water & return to their starting point without assistance. In this level, students learn the basics of Front Crawl, Back Crawl, and elementary backstroke. There will be a strong emphasis on making good swimming decisions, and the various safe ways to cross a pool!

Typically 5-8 Years        

Class Ratios:
4-6 Students per Instructor

Advanced Lessons: Shark (Formerly Silver and Gold Squad)

Description: The Sharks Level is the final Aquasafe curriculum level before our competitive team! In order to enroll in a Shark class, students must be able to swim 45 feet unassisted, must understand how to do basic front crawl, back crawl, & elementary backstroke, and must be able to jump into deep water, swim 15 feet, and return to their starting point.


In the Sharks level, endurance & efficiency are the primary objectives!  Students will learn swimming concepts that will help them cross 25+ yard competition pools with ease. Competitive Freestyle and Backstroke will be taught, as well as the basics of Breaststroke, Butterfly kick, and Dives.



Typically 6-14 years


Class Ratios: 6-8 Students