Wisconsin Swimming
Level 3

Established 1962

Practice Equipment

All swimmers need to bring a water bottle to practice.

Silver Novice:  No equipment

Gold Novice:  Speedo Bullet or Junior Bullet Snorkel

Bronze Age:  Speedo Bullet or Junior Bullet Snorkel

Silver Age :  Equip bag, Fins and Speedo Bullet Snorkel (kickboard and pull buoy optional)

Gold Age:  Same as Silver Age

Platinum Senior:  Swimmers must have their own pair of DRAG SOXX(size 30 or 45)

All Senior Groups:  Equip bag, DMC Elite Max Swim Fins (Senior swimmers will not be allowed to wear long fins) and Speedo Bullet Snorkel 

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The cheapest place to purchase all other equipment is following this link www.swimoutlet.com/mfsc 

Type of Snorkels to Purchase:  Speedo Bullet or Junior Bullet Snorkel

Type of Fins to Purchase:  Club Swim Rubber or Floating fins

Type of Kickboards to Purchase:   Speedo Kick boards

Type of Pull Buoys to Purchase:  Speedo Pull buoy

Swim Meet Equipment

Team Swimsuit:  If your swimmer participates in a swim meet, a team swimsuit/cap/warmup jacket are required.  All can be purchased through the team order in the Fall and Spring. Otherwise please ask Coach Scott or Kira Testin if you have any further questions.