Wisconsin Swimming
Level 3

Established 1962

2022 Long Course Fees

Additional Fees

USA Swimming Membership:  New Swimmers who are not USA registered will need to get the Seasonal USA Membership for $45.

* Fundraising Fee: A $100 fundraising fee is charged to all swimmers.  This fee must be paid at registration.  Families can participate in various fundraising activities to earn credit toward that amount.  That credit will be applied to your invoice each month of the season. High school athletes receive a prorated fee which can be found on the Short Course fee table.

One-Time Credit:

Swimmers who are new to RA receive a one-time credit of $25.

Credit for Families with Multiple Swimmers:

RA has adopted the following multiswimmer discount: For 2 swimmers, a family will receive a 6.5% discount off the total dues,  For 3+ swimmers, a family will receive a  12% discount.

Other Fees

The only other fees you'll incur during the season are meet entry fees which are determined based on the number of meets swum in and the number of events.


Swimmers are placed into a swim group only after our Head Coach has had the opportunity to evaluate their swimming ability. This is done during our trial sessions. Each perspective swimmer is offered a free 5-day trial. Since it is not always easy to come five consecutive days in a row, we offer the family a two-week period of time to complete their 5-day trial. This gives the swimmer the opportunity to decide if swimming is truly what he/she wants to do. Please note: The age of the child does not determine placement…the swimmer’s skill level makes that determination. Please see “Swim Groups” under About Us for more specific information on the practice groups.