Wisconsin Swimming
Level 3

Established 1962

Before the beginning of each session, families are required to choose the meets that their swimmer(s) will participate in(You will be notified of deadlines at least a month ahead of time).  The meets for each season will be posted on the club website and will include the meet date(s) and all important information.  Parents are encouraged to respond with a yes/no to each meet and make note of how many swims they would like and what days they are available in the notes portion.  All general information on meets we attend can be found here:  http://www.wisconsinswimming.org/EventsCurrent.jsp?team=czwilsc

Follow these steps on our website to sign up for meets:  

To commit to your swimmer’s meets:

1. Log in to www.rocketaquatics.org

2. Click on EVENTS at the top left of the page.

3. You will see a list of ALL the meets for the season, for ALL of the RA training groups. Click on the actual NAME OF THE MEET you want to sign up and commit to a reservation.

4. Read the description of the meet and be sure to note if your swimmer’s training group is swimming this meet. (DO NOT SIGN UP FOR MEETS THAT ARE NOT MEANT FOR YOUR SWIMMER’S GROUP). If you are uncertain, your swimmer’s Training Group is listed on your family’s bill.

5. Click on “Attend This Event”

6. Click on “Member Name” (must be done for each swimmer)

7. Select declaration (“Yes, sign me up for this event”)

8. ADD NOTES to each meet in the “Notes” section (How many swims you want per day, days you cannot attend, known tardiness, early departure, etc.).

9. REPEAT these steps for ALLmeets offered in the season for ALLof your swimmers. All meet commitments will be closed a couple weeks before the meet. **The coaching staff will eventually enter your swimmer in events for all the meets which you have committed to or in some cases you will be able to pick the events.**

 Once swims are reserved online, you are financially responsible for those swims.  Swim meet bills are sent out once per month and are billed after the meet has occurred.

For new families, contact Coach Scott and he will set you up with meets, you have the ability to sign-up your swimmer on-line for most swim meets during the season by following the same steps above.  If there are swims available and/or another club member withdraws from the meet, every attempt will be made to accommodate your swimmer.

Verbal meet entries will not be accepted.  All requests must be made in writing.

NOTE!  Please contact your swimmer's coach if they are ill or an emergency occurs making it impossible for your swimmer to attend the meet.

Heat sheets are sold at meets (see "  What's a Heat Sheet?" under the " Club Info" tab above).  These are beneficial to both parents and swimmers as a means of keeping track of where/when the swimmer will be swimming.  These can be best explained by a veteran of the club at a swim meet.