Yost Pool Rental Rates


1)     Non-refundable booking fee required for all rentals in addition to hourly rates. - $25 flat

2)     Refundable Deposits

            a)      $400 flat damage deposit for bringing special equipment into the facility

            b)      $100 flat cleaning deposit which is used for cleaning our facility if it is left dirty

3)     Hourly lifeguard staff costs, in addition, to pool rental fee.

            a)      $40/ hour for the first two guards (up to 50 people) (required)

            b)     $25/ hour for each additional guard after (each additional 25 people)

4)     Pool $160/ hour for the whole pool (Semi-private, guaranteed private for an additional fee) 

5)   Classroom Rental

                        a) $50 an hour for the first two hours

                        b) $25 every hour after

6) Lobby Rentals W/ pool 30/h, Lobby only 40.

For room rentals w/ open swim. Passes are a flat rate of 8 per person.








All Rentals Subject to Staffing Availability

If you are interested in renting the pool or a room, please contact Benjamin Weed for more information, availablity and pricing.