Summer Swim Lessons are back at Yost!

Online registration for Session 4 is Thursdays the 4th at 8:00pm!

Lessons are Mon-Fri except on holidays and run in 2-week sessions.

All swim lesson classes run 28 minutes.

Session Dates
Session One:  June 27 - July 8
Session Two:  July 11 - July 22
Session Three:  July 25 - August 5
Session Four:  August 8 - August 19

Session Five:  August 22 - Sept 2

Cost Per Session:  $100 Edmonds Resident/ $140 Non-Resident

Signups are by Session and will open Thursday at eight the week prior to the start of the upcoming session, closing the following Wednesday at noon.


Edmonds School District Voucher Program:  Yost Pool is proud to support the Drowning Prevention Program of Public Hospital District No. 2 as funded by the Verdant Health Commission which provides vouchers to all Edmonds School District 3rd Graders for free swim lessons to children who do not know how to swim.  Lessons fees will be credited once the voucher has been turned in and approved.

It is highly recommended you stop by the pool for swim test to make sure your child signs up for the appropriate level.

Drop-In swim tests will be given 10 am - 1:00 pm weekdays.

Lesson Levels

For children 3-6 years-old where they will learn the foundations of swimming and water safety. 

For children 6-13 years-old where they will learn the
foundations of swimming and water safety

After mastering the basics, students learn to refine their strokes, more advanced skills and to swim longer distances.

Level Descriptions

Students learn the basic fundamentals with in-water teacher assistance; such as floating, blowing into the water through the mouth and nose as well as submerging their face and basic arm movements for the crawl stroke, 

Students continue to reinforce and fine tune basic fundamentals with assistance.  They learn to float on their own and to push off the wall into streamline as well as learn the basics of front crawl stroke.

Students learn to swim underwater as well and are introduced to elemantary backstroke. They will learn to roll over independently and swim safely from the deep end of a pool and begin to learn the basic of treading.

At this level they will be able to push and glide independently for 4 to 5 body lengths as well perform basic crawl for 3 body lengths. They will start treading in the deep end and learn the begining elements to diving from the side.

Students work through a safe diving progression from a kneeling dive to a compact and stride dive. They will learn to tread water for 45 seconds and be able to swim longer distances, completing a freestyle and backstroke swim from the deep end to the shallow end without stopping or touching the bottom.

At this level, students continue to refine their freestyle and backstroke technique and are introduced to breaststroke and butterfly.  Students are introduced basic
preparatory skills necessary for joining a swim team.