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Who We Are

Superior Aquatics stands as the premier competitive swim center in Southern Oregon, proudly serving the community since 1992. As a part of the Superior Athletic Club (SAC), our swim team is dedicated to fostering a healthy, enjoyable, and focused training environment for swimmers spanning all age groups.

Under the guidance of Coaches Siouxha (Level 5 Certification) and Alexandra Tokman (Level 4 Certification), our team oversees the training programs for four distinct swim groups: Sharks (Pre-Competition), Silvers, Golds, and Elites. This comprehensive structure ensures an ideal setting for swimmers of various ages and skill levels to thrive and reach their full potential.

At Superior Aquatics, we are deeply committed to competitive swimming, participating in events across Oregon, California, and Washington. We believe in the process of achieving success. While the realization of achievements is noteworthy, we recognize that the effort invested is equally significant. Encouragement and dedication during training sessions form the cornerstone of unlocking each athlete’s ultimate potential. This combination serves as a powerful tool for growth and development, not only in swimming but also in life itself. Our priority is to create a safe and supportive environment that fosters the growth of every swimmer.

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Our Mission Statement

At Superior Aquatics we are WINNERS! Both in and out of the pool. We aim high by setting ambitious goals and dedicating ourselves to fulfilling our commitments. We believe as a team we can achieve anything.



Meet Our Coaches
Learn from the Best! The ONLY Level 4 and Level 5 Coaches in Southern Oregon.

Siouxha Tokman

Siouxha Tokman's association with Superior began in 1994, spanning until 2006, and happily resumed in 2015—an occasion that is commemorated with great enthusiasm. With an illustrious coaching tenure of 53 years, Siouxha holds a distinguished Level 5 ranking certified by the National and International American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA).

As one of five ASCA Level 5 Certified Coaches in the state, and the ONLY Level 5 Coach in Southern Oregon, Siouxha's dedication to the craft of coaching is unparalleled. Devoting 5-6 hours daily to coaching athletes ranging from 6 to 20 years old, Siouxha epitomizes unwavering commitment and an authentic passion for his vocation.

His steadfast commitment extends beyond honing athletic prowess; he imparts invaluable life skills, including accountability, goal setting, and fostering positive attitudes during moments of pressure. These skills have yielded a track record of success, with numerous student athletes progressing to significant achievements at national and Olympic levels.

Siouxha's role as a swim coach is multifaceted, transitioning seamlessly from an entertainer for the younger participants to a trusted mentor akin to an elder sibling for the older swimmers. His infectious smile radiates throughout the club, reflecting the genuine joy he derives from his work. The community is indeed fortunate to benefit from Siouxha's unwavering passion, which significantly contributes to the development of exceptional children and swimmers.

Reflecting on his coaching journey, Siouxha shares, "Many ask me why I've given my life to coaching, and my response is, there is nothing more important to me than fostering the character of a young adult into becoming a exemplary human being. To instill passion, perseverance, and a commitment to opportunity and hope in themselves and others are skills that will transform their future and others around them. I've had the privilege of experiencing this transformation for many that I know will lead their generation to greatness. It is an honor, and I am humbled by this path for my life."

In Siouxha's own words, being a swim coach is one of the most fulfilling vocations, involving the profound impact of shaping lives and cultivating outstanding individuals within the community.



Alexandra Tokman

Alexandra Tokman brings six years of competitive swimming experience from her school years, enriching our swim team with her valuable expertise. Currently holding the esteemed position of Age Group Vice Chair on the Oregon Swimming Board of Directors, Alexandra was elected to this role by her coaching peers in October 2021. 

Alexandra is recognized as one of only ten Level 4 ASCA (American Swim Coaches Association) Coaches in the State of Oregon and stands as the ONLY Level 4 Coach in Southern Oregon.

As a former student athlete herself, Alexandra intimately understands the challenges and triumphs of pushing through adversities to reach success. This personal experience informs her coaching approach, enabling her to guide swimmers effectively through their own journeys.

When reflecting on her coaching philosophy, Alexandra underscores the invaluable life lessons that swimming imparts, emphasizing the correlation between hard work and results, fostering focus, and performing effectively under pressure. As a coach, she is dedicated to guiding swimmers in understanding the significance of rebounding from failure and achieving success. Her passion for the sport resonates in her joy of witnessing children's confidence flourish both in and out of the pool.

For Alexandra, coaching transcends being merely a job; it represents a source of profound fulfillment. She takes pride in serving as a positive role model for her swimmers, offering unwavering support on both good and challenging days. In her view, the opportunity to instill confidence in these young athletes is the most significant gift one can offer.



Jared Smith

Jared Smith, originally from Las Vegas, embarked on his competitive swimming journey at the age of 7, eventually ascending to become a Division 1 athlete at the University of Denver. His profound love for the sport ignited a strong desire in recent years to give back to the activity that significantly shaped his life. Jared expresses deep honor and gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the coaching roster at Superior Aquatics.

A testament to his dedication and passion for swimming excellence, Jared notably achieved qualification for the 2016 USA Olympic Trials in two events. These accomplishments stand as evidence of his unwavering commitment to the sport.

Beyond his athletic achievements, Jared holds a BA Degree in Biology from the University of Denver, showcasing his dedication to academic pursuits alongside his sporting endeavors. This academic accomplishment underscores Jared's multifaceted commitment to holistic development.

"I began my journey with Superior Aquatics at the tender age of 5 and continued swimming until I embarked on my college adventure at 18.

Siouxha, who took over as my age group coach at 10, later became the head coach. Beyond the pool, he evolved into a mentor and, dare I say, a father figure. Siouxha’s dedication went beyond the ordinary – he conducted goal-setting conferences, helping me chart a course to chase my dream of making Olympic trial cut times. His commitment was evident as he took me to high-level meets, providing exposure and invaluable experience.

As a Level 5 coach with the highest credentials possible, Siouxha’s expertise has been instrumental in shaping my swimming career. Even as [I] continue my swimming career at the Division 1 level for Notre Dame, Siouxha remains the most reliable supporter, offering guidance whenever I seek it. Equally crucial to my swimming success is Coach Alexandra, my second mom, who diligently executed Siouxha’s tailored workouts and always prioritized my well-being.

Superior Aquatics will forever be my home, shaping not just my swimming career but also fostering invaluable relationships. Grateful beyond words for the incredible journey.

Sincerely, Marcus Gentry”

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