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Hello and Welcome to Superior Aquatics Swimming!

Please read all materials in this folder and sign and return the following papers:

  • Action Plan for Addressing Bullying Acknowledgement
  • Code of Conduct for Swimmers
  • Code of Conduct for Parents/Guardians
  • Concussion information Sheet
  • MAAPP (Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy)
  • Minor Model Release Form
  • Photo Consent
  • Team Handbook Acknowledgement

You will also need to sign up for USA Swimming. You will first create a parent account, then your swimmers account. The USA Swimming website is:    

Follow all instructions. Your child cannot swim until this step is complete.

Upon joining our team (once your child can participate in swim meets) you will be required to officiate or time. We ask that all of our families participate in this or swim meets cannot happen. (We rely SOLEY on volunteers!) PLEASE look into becoming an official, our team DESPERATELY needs more! Requirements can be found on our team website:  Superior Aquatics Home

Helpful Phone Apps:

  • USA Swimming
  • Meet Mobile- A subscription service that allows you to follow along at swim meets.
  • GoMotion (our teams website in App form)
  • GroupMe- Our group text messaging app for important last minute reminders

Helpful Websites:

Please return all signed paperwork to Coach Siouxha or Coach Alexandra by the first practice. Do not give paperwork to the front desk.  If you have any questions you can contact Coach Alexandra at email: [email protected] or text: 850.257.1119


Thank you for being a part of our SUPERIOR team!

Files for download: