Welcome to ACAC USA Swim Team 

Embark on a journey where the love for swimming meets the thrill of competition at acac USA Swim Team—a vibrant community for athletes aged 5-18. Since our reestablishment in 2023, our new mission has been steadfast: to create a supportive and inclusive environment where swimmers not only excel but also find joy, realizing their full potential and nurturing a lifelong love for the sport.

Diverse Talents, One Mission:

Our pool is a canvas that welcomes swimmers of all levels—from beginners discovering the water's embrace to seasoned competitors chasing their Olympic dreams. Guided by our experienced coaches, we are committed to unlocking the unique potential within each athlete, fostering an environment that prioritizes personal growth, fitness, and the sheer enjoyment of swimming.

Beyond the Lanes—Holistic Athlete Development:

At acac, we care about the athlete beyond the swimmer. We are dedicated to character development, mentorship, and life skills that extend far beyond the pool. Our commitment goes beyond the stopwatch, focusing on the growth of well-rounded individuals. Through practice, leadership initiatives, and skill-building activities, we aim to shape not only great swimmers but exceptional individuals poised for success both in and out of the water.

Excellence, Growth, and Community:

At the heart of acac is a culture woven with threads of excellence and personal growth. We go beyond the lanes, building a sense of community where teamwork and sportsmanship thrive. Our dedicated coaches and team members work hand in hand to create an atmosphere where every swimmer not only strives to achieve their goals but also finds a second home among like-minded individuals.

Unforgettable Moments in Every Stroke:

Our mission is the heartbeat of every splash, every lap, and every shared triumph. Whether it's setting personal bests, forming lifelong friendships, or savoring the joy of competition, acac strives to make every moment in the pool an unforgettable experience. We believe that these experiences transcend the pool, shaping the character and resilience of our swimmers for a lifetime.

Ready to Dive in?

If the prospect of joining acac USA Swim Team excites you, reach out to Coach Jeremy at [email protected]. He'll provide all the information you need to embark on your swimming journey with acac USA Swim Team. Get ready to make a splash and become a valued member of our swim family!


Where Every Stroke Counts, Every Swimmer Matters, and the Spirit of Swimming Flows Strong!